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State-of-the-art horn speaker systems and tube amplifier concepts are absolute top products for enthusiasts and music lovers. Our products are produced in the finest craftsmanship, uncompromising in development and technology as well as in the selection of the most exclusive materials and their processing.

Tobian Soundsystems has a hand for the extraordinary and for exclusivity "the guarantor" for a new dimension of unique high performance products.


The outstanding highlights of our crafting expenses are our loudspeaker constructions.

We select our clay wood species according to their quality as well as texture. After gluing, these wooden panels are carefully dried for weeks. Only after measuring the humidity in the wood are they processed on a CNC. Our unique and exclusive loudspeaker housings are 100% Swiss Made.

Extremely large compression drivers and woofers, in combination with our in-house developed Constant-Directivity Horn, these represent a new dimension of horn systems. Due to their quality and size, our mid-frequency compression drivers are able to reproduce an extremely large frequency band from 300Hz to 22000Hz without the need for a crossover.

But the heart and thus also the most important component of every loudspeaker is and remains the crossover for the bass range. The crossover clearly gives each loudspeaker its statement such as tonality and, of course, its character. "Conclusion" as few components as possible but as many as necessary to guarantee absolute cleanliness and purity of the sound.


With Tobian Soundsystems, "no" disturbing components such as Resistances are used in the signal path. Components in the signal path affect and distort the sound. The frequency range from 300Hz to 22000Hz is thus reproduced in its purest form, absolutely unbreakable and super-resolution.

Thus, complex frequency aisies and complex corrections of runtime and phase are automatically history. Even the "extly" critical and sensitive frequency range above 300Hz remains untouched and is not dismembered and divided by a frque divide or even digitally supported.

Horn speakers from Tobian Soundsystems, benefit optimally from this interaction of all these high lights and are thus able to reproduce cut-off frequencies from 20Hz to 22000Hz with a handful of watts. The result is the perfect horn speaker, ultra-fast, with a real depth resolution such as the purest timbres and perfect timing, a sub-dry bass with touch feeling and goosebumps guarantee...your very own unique piece.

Horn speakers from Tobian Soundsystems are 100% what you've always been looking for.



Over the last few decades, my power amplifiers have become more and more my personal passion. All our DHT triode preamplifiers and triode power amplifiers are completely symmetrical from input to output, completely transformer coupled and set up point to point for you personally in the purest hand.

The indispensable prerequisite for the very finest audio quality is an optimal power supply. A powerful power supply with oil paper capacitors of up to 5000V voltage resistance are the anchor points of every preamplifier such as power amplifier from us. In our preamplifiers such as power amplifiers, only in-house mains transformers are used for each individual power supply. This guarantees an optimal 100% safe voltage and power supply.

The circuit design is designed so that each supply circuit receives its own network transformer:

up to 11 mains transformers in our phono preamplifiers

up to 9 mains transformers with our line preamplifiers

up to 8 mains transformers in our power amplifiers

This technology was already used in 2005 when our preamplifier, the SC12 with dual power supply section, was developed. Outstanding and certainly something very special is our newly developed Permenorm 5000H and 8000H Audio Autoformer Volume Control, the volume control. With its sound density, the autoformer is unique and at the same time represents a key position in all our preamplifiers.

Our audio autoformer has over 220Hy and has an extremely large E-core made of super permalloy that achieves very high performance. This technology results in low packing density of the windings, extremely low impedance values and thus lowest losses with the best flux density. This technical improvement is also a real sound improvement and can already be heard in the first bars of a piece of music for a whole new music experience.

Tobian Sound Systems 18FH Horns
Tobian Soundsystems 18FH, SC8, MA100s
Tobian Sound Systems 18FH Horns
Tobian Sound Systems: the new 12 Signature

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