Argento Audio SMR SE (Serenity Master Reference - Special Edition), Pure Silver AES/EBU

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Used Excellent Condition 8-9 / 10
Time left
1.5 Meter, XLR, Pure silver digital cable
Argento SMR SE, Serenity Master Reference-Special Edition. Very rare on the used market. Pure silver AES digital cable. ** SE (Special Edition) comes with Bocchino balanced connectors.

Absolutely one of the best digital cables made. I prefer this cable to Transparent Reference XL in my DCS Vivaldi digital set-up, but am unable to locate any more of these Argento cables and need three total, so I have gone with the Transparent for now.

- Length : 1.5 m - comes with the original box
- Original factory terminated by Argento with Bocchino balanced connectors
- Condition : 8/10
- Price: $3600

I also have a 1.5 meter pair of Argento Flow Master Reference (FMR), RCA interconnects, in 9/10 condition for sale at $3600.

As a reference, please check my many years of positive feedback on Audiogone - Username: CMO. Buyer is responsible for PayPal and shipping fees.
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