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Center Stage Feet Version 2 Size 0.8-Limited Time Sale-Buy 3 and get one free

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By now all of you I am sure have read or heard about the amazing Center Stage feet which have been reviewed and talked about extensively here on WBF.Appropriate threads are found here...

These amazing feet come in three sizes, an 0.8", a 1.0" and a 1.5"

For a limited time only, and, as a way of introducing Center Stage to people, we are offering a set of 4 of the 0.8's for the price of three. The Center Stage 0.8 feet have an MSRP of $320 per foot so $960 gets you a set of four plus shipping and handling. Also further discounts can be extended for orders of more than 4 sets. If interested getting other friends involved for a power sale will get further discounts. I have plenty in stock for this sale but once they are gone I cannot extend the offer beyond that

I also have 1.0's and 1.5's in stock but this introductory offer sale is limited to the Center Stage version 2 size 0.8. These are current versions of the size 0.8

This is an easy and affordable way to find out what Center Stage Feet are all about and why audiophiles continue to add these feet to their sound system. These have been described by many reviewers as system altering as they allow you to hear deeper into the music, so much so that you feel you are immersed in the sound

UPDATE: Aug 19/2019........The response has been overwhelming as I have only a few sets remaining, so call now if interested
The feet are 0.8 inches tall and are designed for
1. equipment under 100 pounds weight
2. gear with stock footers less than 0.8" tall

Complete white paper, instructions, reviews and FAQ's can all be found at


steve williams
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