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Center Stage Version 2 Size 1.0" New Set -Reduced To Sell

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This is a new set. Payment to be sent via PayPal as a gift to friend or family to avoid further charges to me as this is a discounted but NEW item
By now I am sure that most everyone has either heard of Center Stage feet or are already using them in their system. On line reviews have suggested that these feet should become an integral part of everyones' sound systems as they have been said to be system changers. There is nothing colored about these feet as they produce an amazingly natural sound with a huge Immersive Effect. There have been countless reviews and testimonials about this fine product produced in the USA by Critical Mass Systems and Joe Lavrencik.

I have for sale a brand new set of 4 Center Stage 2 Size 1.0 which have an MSRP of $1800. This was part of a large order for one person who had ordered 2 sets of Center Stage2 size 1.5 and by mistake a set of 1.0's was included.

You will rarely ever see these on sale or even offered in the resale market as they become permanent keepers in one's system. I am offering the set of 4 feet for $1600 USD plus shipping. You will not be disappointed with these feet under your gear

all info can be found at as well as

Price does not include shipping and handling


Steve Williams

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