Chario Academy Sovran in mint condition! Reference level sound suitable for small & large rooms

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The magnificent Chario Sovran, one of the best speakers available at any price. Anyone looking at the Wilson Sasha, Rockport, Vandersteens, Sonus Faber, Magico, etc or any other $50 thousand speakers would be surprised how different and delightfully musically superior the Sovrans are at fraction of the cost of others. If you attend live concerts of any kind these are the speakers to get! Living in the New York City has afforded me the opportunity to compare and listen to pretty much the most interesting loudspeakers ithat are on the market regardless of price, and I seldom felt any desire to buy something else. Few months ago I had the opportunity to compare these to the Franco Serblin Kthemas at $35 thousands (as those are the best ones he had ever created and their owner bragged about). Went with the open mind and still preferred the far more musically neutral and natural presentation of the Sovrans. They sound like a electrostatic sphere (if such thing would ever exist!). They play really big when called upon, and small when music is intimate. Overall speakers just present whats on the source and recreate the original event like few speakers are capable. One of their designers has been the chief sound engineer for the world famous the LA Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy, plus the company has the access to the one of the best scientific sound facilities&sonic chambers in the world. See their website for more info.

The only reason I am selling the Sovrans is that I have decided to upgrade to Chario's top of the line, the Serendipity. At my offered price these speakers are a steal!

These are 3 years old, and have been carefully and lightly used (as I have several pairs of other reference level speakers in my collection), with the top level tube and the solid state amplification. I bought them brand new, and have kept everything that came with them. They are as new, save for some tiny traces of usage near speaker connecting jacks because of the very thick and inflexible bi wired Cardas Golden Crosses with spades (see pictures). I would prefer to sell them locally, but will ship via freight company only, given that these are very fine musical instruments. The cost of shipping would be anywhere from $200-600 in my guesstimate. If need be, I ll hook them up and demo them for a serious buyer. Prefer check & money order, & cash, but will consider Pay Pal (plus 2.9% fee). My audiogon nick: Kot, ebay: easa6525.


I will only quote the esteemed Michael Fremer of the Stereophile :

"Elegantly conceived and beautifully built, Chario's Academy Sovran offers a high level of sonic performance in every possible category except the deepest bass—and what it lacks in that department it more than makes up for with the high quality of the pitch-perfect bass it does produce.

The Sovran impressed me most with its rock-solid rhythmic coherence and its clean, nimble attack, followed by its smooth tonal balance. Add to that its solid imaging and impressive soundstaging—depending on the speaker positions, you have a choice of a deep, narrow soundstage or one that's a lot wider and a bit shallower, but with consistent reproduction of timbres either way. Add to that the meticulously finished cabinets of solid hardwood, exceptional resolution of high-frequency detail with only a slight tilt toward brightness, and you have a speaker that, while not inexpensive, offers exceptional performance with fit'n'finish to match. But equally impressive was what I didn't hear from the Sovran: bloat, false warmth, etch, grain, or—especially—congestion.

The US loudspeaker market may be overcrowded, but there's always room for a speaker as well designed and executed as the Chario Academy Sovran. It challenges anything else in its price class, and many speakers costing far more. "

(I have to add that the DEEPEST bass in MINE room audibly goes down to 22 hz!) .

Also see the review by Anthony Kershaw from the magazine who concluded : "Mario Marcello Murace and Carlo Gino Vicenzetto, the two musical Milanese behind Chario have given audiophiles and music lovers something quite unique, especially if viewed in Italian terms. Their $20,000/pair speakers echo the workmanship of the other great Italian speaker manufacturer, Sonus Faber. The Chario Sovrans have the technology to take you through the next twenty years in the most musical way. Very highly recommended"

See full review :
weigh 100 pounds each , height about 45 inches or so


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