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Göbel Divin Marquis- Black lacquer- Bi-wire configuration

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Divin Marquis in standard black finish with bi-wire configuration (IN STOCK)
other color options available at additional charge

Real Piano tropical resistant lacquers not auto finishes
just reviewed by John Atkinson of Stereophile and on the cover of the Oct. Stereophile Magazine.
Available in the Americas and Canada not for sale anywhere else.
Prepaid and insured shipping in the continental United States is included along with professional speaker set up.
All speakers come packed in custom flight cases and are shipped via truck on a pallet.
Please contact Elliot at Bending Wave USA for questions and further details.

2020-04-22 09.14.10.jpg
see www.bendingwaveusa,com for specs
see review in Stereophile Oct 2020
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Elliot G.

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