Gryphon Colosseum Stereo

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MINT MINT MINT, single owner, purchased in late 2019.

Pure Class A, dual mono amplifier masterpiece, providing an absolutely magnificent soundstage, housed in a stunningly beautiful contemporary glossy piano black oval tower. It is in superb, flawless condition. Newest version made in 2019.​
The Colosseum holds nothing back in its design, with dual massive shielded and isolated toroidal power transformers, weighing 60 pounds, and 340,000uF of capacitive power reserve, sourcing an output stage of 48 power transistors to deliver instantaneous power peaks of up to an insane 5,400 ground-shaking watts per channel at 0.5 Ω.​
The Colosseum is capable of driving the most demanding loads with an incredibly low 0.023Ω output impedance, easily powering a 4 Ω load with 320 watts of pure Class A power.​
The elegant touch display enables the user to customize the interface by selection options inclusive of: Low/Med/High or Green Bias, Brightness control, Auto Power on (input signal detection), etc.​
The unit ships with the product manual, original custom flight case and 20A power cord. Shipping inclusive of price.​
Payment options: Cashiers Check or Wire Transfer payments are acceptable. Unit ships upon clearance of funds.​

Product Overview:
- Weight: 176 lbs​
- Dimensions: 29.9” H x 10.6” W x 24.8” D​
- Shipping Weight: 243 lbs​
- Shipping Dimensions: 34.6” H x 19.7” W x 29.9” D​
- Pure Dual Mono configuration​
- Zero global negative feedback​
- 48 high current bipolar output transistors​
- 340,000 microFarad capacitor bank​
- Balanced circuit​
- DC servo-coupling​
- Gryphon silver internal wiring​
- Decoupled Printed Circuit Boards and transformer castings​
- Military spec. double-sided printed circuit boards​
- Two separate Holmgren toroidal transformers with internal magnetic shielding​
- Separate power supplies for digital and analogue circuits​
- Gold-plated Swiss Neutric XLR input sockets​
- Gold-plated custom-built binding posts​
- Vacuum Fluorescent Display​
- Adjustable display brightness​
- Selectable automatic Green Bias setting or manual Low/Mid/High bias​
- Firmware upgrades via PC​
- Non-invasive protection system​
- Flight case for optimal transport protection​
- Unlimited custom side panel finish options (sold separately)​

- 115VAC Supply, IEC C19​
- Gain: +31.5 dB​
- Bandwidth (-3 dB): 0.3Hz to above 350 kHz​
- Input Impedance (20 Hz – 20 kHz): 20 k Ω​
- 2 x 5400W, 1/2 Ω (Peak)​
- 2 x 1250W, 1 Ω (RMS)​
- 2 x 640W, 2 Ω (RMS)​
- 2 x 320W, 4 Ω (RMS)​
- 2 x 160W, 8 Ω (RMS)​



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