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I’m thinking about selling my MC Anna cart. I bought it in 2013, rebuilt twice by Ortofon, last time in September 2017 (invoice). The first time I had it rebuilt it was my fault (bad mouvement). The second time was a year later in the warranty. Ortofon shipped me a new one. Original invoice and Original box and crate . I have 2 carts and would like to sell one for buying a mono cart for the second tonearm. It is not yet 3 years old. I listen about 600 h music a year. Listening time shared between 2 carts’ digital and tuner. I think it has 400 hours of use. All my records are cleaned with a KLAudio record cleaning machine and the cart is brushed before after each side as Ortofon’s recommandation.
You can see the specs on the manufacturer’s website.



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