New Audio Frontiers Supreme 300B Special Edition(230v)

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Used Excellent Condition 8-9 / 10
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Selling my beautiful New Audio Frontiers Supreme 300b Special Edition integrated amp(230v).

Lovingly cared for by an obsessive audiophile.

Dead silent operation and has been 100% reliable since owning.

Sweet sounding integrated with a gorgeous mid-range that the 300B tubes are known for with great dynamics and harmonic richness.

It is auto-bias and has been completely trouble free to own, and no preamp required.

Currently the cheapest price I can find globally for a new model is 15,800 USD

Here’s a great review below from Clement Perry of Stereotimes and plenty more online.

This amp also comes with an array of tubes as I have researched, and tube rolled the best options available. These include:
  • 1 x pair ECC83 TESLA (not new JJ) – These are the framed grid tesla that come out of the same factory as the famed Telefunken ECC803S. I was recommended these by the NAF agent in Germany. Amazing harmonics with a dark juicy sound.
  • 1 x pair ECC83 Telefunken (original boxes) – Huge dynamics with a very linear sound. My preferred ECC83 currently.
  • 1 x pair ECC83 – Original Yugoslavian pair that came with the amp
  • 1 x pair 5687 RCA – Tung-Sol Black Grid
  • 2 x pair (one unused) of the Sperry Raytheon 5687 tube. These are my firm favourites, huge soundstage and very dynamic. I liked them so much I purchased another pair
  • 300B – 4 x matched TJ Full Music Tubes – These have been in use for the past 5 years. No issues and still going strong
  • I also have 4 of the standard 300B tubes the amp came with, these can’t be guaranteed however will include with amp

Price includes free shipping globally

Amp will be sent in original packaging and includes remote

Please note this is the 230v model

Push Pull Tube Amplifier - Pure Class A, Zero Feedback
Remote Control
Output Tubes 4 x 300B
Tubes 2 x E83CC – 2 x 5687
Output Power 2 x 21 Watts RMS @8 Ohm / 5% THD
Frequency Response 15 Hz-60 KHz
Signal Noise Ratio 90dB
Output Impedance 4, 8 Ohms
Sensitivity / Input impedance 800mv/100K
Dimensions (w/h/d) 35 x 24 x 58 cm
Weight Approx. 45 kg


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