Quad ESL 63 Total Rebuilt and Updated By Electrostatic Solutions

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Pair of totally rebuilt Quad ESL 63's. Rebuilt included panels, all boards, and total updated power supply using Mundorf capacitors. Even the panel grill cloth is upgraded to a very transparent level where Kent said he had a hard time telling the sound different with them on or off as many do, but it does look awful. Rebuild alone was $3,500.

Speakers' connections also upgraded to Cardas. No need to go into a long sales ramble on these speakers. Their sound quality is well known and legendary in Audio History.

They sound much better than the current versions that is for sure, and nowhere near as bright and tipped up in the highs and much more reliable. The current pricing is $11,900 for the 2809 model.

They are pure Peter Walker design. I play all types of music on these speakers after the rebuilt, they are more dynamic, more open, and extended from the bottom up, In-room 35Hz bottom end. These are more open and dynamic than the Quad 57's. Which is also a great speaker but more mid-range centered.

They love a good power cord and any decent ones will do, I used Reference Pro ES power cords one 2 meters and the other was 3 meters.

I am selling these as local pickup only, if you want to set up shipping from your end I will have them ready for shipping. This way you control the cost and shipping method. BUT I much rather help you load them safely. I will give $150.00 off the selling price for the travel allowance.

I love these speakers. but time for a change just for change's sake, so I am looking for a good home for these. I do have the British made 3 posts stands for these in storage that I will include. So if you like to raise them you can, I like them on the floor with a slight tilt back and I've had the front feet already attached with the perfect tilt back. Do not use spikes of any kind, they kill the sound. Use them as designed. For many, these are the last speaker they will purchase. I can help with sharing setup information, I played with setup a lot, so I know these speakers quite well.

Any questions feel free to contact me. Payment Cash at pick up, or Paypal during pickup.
Description: Full-range electrostatic speaker system. Power capacity: 100W, 10V rms, 40V peak maximum signal input. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (6.2 ohms minimum). Sensitivity: 86dB SPL for 2.83V rms at 1 meter.
Dimensions: 36" H by 26" W by 6" D (base 10" D).



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