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Solypsa is celebrating the new WBF classifieds by offering the superlative Sensitive Sound ART Dark MC cart with a two week* trial period! Free shipping USA. Canadian interest welcomed, contact to discuss shipping. North America sales only.

This carts' weight and compliance means it works with most modern tonearms and in our {biased :)} opinion challenges most anything out there under $3k. Deep bass that isn't even hinted at by most 'affordable' carts, nice natural and extended top end, un-hyped midrange...

Boron cantilever, MicroHD stylus, high purity coil windings, lots of high-end goodness packed into this one. The slightly warmer-in-resolve little brother (ART Majestic) was reviewed and awarded by Tone Audio here

Glad to discuss your analog needs, the various differences in the Sensitive Sound carts, and system synergy in general.

*to WBF members: try it out. If you aren't thrilled simply pay the shipping to return it in fully functioning condition. if the unit is damaged in any way your maximum liability will be limited to $500 (if the cart and/or all the pieces are returned)! If you are not an analog veteran please contact us to talk about your abilities to set this up before you hit buy. We want a fun and successful adventure for you! you will have two weeks to try it.
Frequency response: 10 - 60 000 hz
Boron cantilever: 0,28mm.
Cross-shaped core.
Stylus : Micro HD profile.
Housing material: CNC high precision machined from a single block
of aircraft grade aluminum.
Winding coil copper wire - 8N (99,999998% purity).
Output Voltage: 0.5 mV (5 cm / sec, 1 kHz).
Channel separation more : 35dB (1kHz).
Channel imbalance less than: 0.2 dB (1kHz).
Impedance: 8 Ohm.
Dynamic Compliance: 12x10 Dyne .
Static Compliance: 12 cu at 10Hz.
Recommended tracking force: 1.6-1.75 g.
Weight cartridge: 9.65 g.


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