Sound Lab Ultimate-1PX Electrostatic Speakers (Demos)

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As a Sound Lab dealer, it is time to replace these wonderful (top of the line) speakers with the latest generation, now called the Ultimate 745. These have served as demos in my home, and have delivered exquisite sonic delight. The only difference between these and the Ultimate 745 is what Dr. Roger West (Sound Lab Founder and CEO) calls Bass Focus, based on the D'Appolito effect. Otherwise they are identical and include all the other SOTA features. For more details and photos, visit the Sound Lab Website.

List price of the U-745 is $49,775. I am offering the U-1PX speakers, with full factory warranty, for $29,950. Also included is delivery and set-up in the Western States. Credit Card or PayPal add 3%.

My Audiogon Feedback (twb2) is 100% positive and goes back to 2005.

If you wish to speak with me directly, please don't hesitate to call. My # can be found on the Sound Lab website. If you wish to come audition them (near San Francisco), you would be welcome.

Frequency response:
24 Hz to ultrasonics
Audio power (min/max):
50/600 watts (music power)
Radiating area:
2350 square inches
Horizontal dispersion:
45 degrees (full spectrum)
Vertical dispersion:
Projected field of panel height
Impedance (nominal):
8 ohms
89 dB/1W/1m
Bias power supply:
117/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 watts
High frequency
Mid frequency
Bass level
D.C. Bias
Height x Width x Depth:
84" x 43 3/4" x 10"
(32 1/4" at base)
Weight (per speaker)
272 pounds


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