Tripoint Audio Troy Signature Grounding System

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The importance of effective grounding on high-end audio performance has been well documented and this unit is one of the top units on the market and typically there is a waiting list to get one. Tripoint Key Features
Dedicated EMI/RFI passive filtration component with proprietary modules made with classified composite materials
Proprietary Pure Silver Grounding Cables
Point-to-point wiring
No transformers, circuit boards, caps, op-amps, ferrites, coils, chips, plastics, LED’s or degrading parts that would create any electronic signature to the sound
Eliminates ground loop
Provides impedance ground match for all your components
Eliminates cheater plugs that degrades the sound
Does not interfere with music flow, impulse signal flow
Vibration control tuning. Through resonance control and implementation of the right materials we can tune your Tripoint system to match your personal preferences
Copper binding post provided to ground your components
Solid African Bubinga chassis
Anodize laser engraved Tripoint logo on new design top face plate.
CNC deep engraved Troy Signture mini front plate.

Improvements to your high-end system
Improves smoothness and fluidity
Improves openness and transparency
Improves depth of soundstage
Improves three dimensionality
Improves definition and nuance of all frequencies
Improves timing and pace of the audio signal
Improves three dimensionality
Improved harmonic structures to sound like real instruments
Tighter images in the soundstage
Longer decays of musical notes
No thinness, brightness, or glare
No signature to the sound

Triple constraint building for the chassis. 20 pounds more of mass in the new construction.
New isolation bases for our proprietary EMI/RFI filtering modules.
New isolation base for the isolation bases. Double chassis isolation eliminates all mechanical distortions and negative resonances.
Thor Master Reference silver wire to ground all parts internally.
New added Thor pure silver shields and dielectrics for added noise rejection and enhancement of tonal purity.
The Troy Signature provides superior dynamic full bodied presentation of the music/video picture with less added energy of its own. This is due to lower mechanical distortions and higher noise rejection scheme.
Better pin-point precision and blacker blacks
Three Cardas pure copper binding post. Allows you to hook up a maximum of nine components
One 2 meter fixed power cord with a Oyaide P- 079 male plug
African Bubinga chassis with 14 coats of clear piano finish
3/4 “ black anodized faceplate
Three 1" brass spikes
Custom wood shipping crate
There is a small scratch on one corner.
Grounding cables included
Dimensions: 12.5” wide, 14” depth, 8.25” height
Weight: 76 pounds / 112 pounds with a shipping crate
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