Von Schweikert Audio VR-55 Aktives Piano Black

Want to sell
Used Excellent Condition 8-9 / 10
Time left
As new in piano black - minor swirls in clear-coat but otherwise great condition - rated 8/10.
Here's an opportunity to own one of the best speakers you can buy under $100k at a significant discount. These have been my personal pair and I am only selling them because I am moving up the VSA line.

These speakers are just over 3 years old and have been kept in a child free, pet free, non-smoking environment. They are fully broken in at this point and sound spectacular - you can find several reviews and awards for these speaker at the VSA website

Greg Weaver reviewed this speaker and then bought his review pair to have as his reference standard -

The adjustable active woofers and the dispersion pattern of this speaker makes it very to integrate into any environment - as does the relatively small footprint. I would rate these very conservatively 8/10 - I see no obvious blemishes though there are some very light scratches in the clear coat. I will try and buff these out.

Here are some photos of the speakers - I will upload more photos later tonight or tomorrow:

I prefer local sale but I have the original shipping crates and can ship these to anyone in CONUS at the buyers expense. Payment via wire transfer only.

Please call for pricing.

Though these are my personal pair, I am a VSA dealer so buy with confidence.

Cheers, Joe
Full range active bass speakers - full specifications can be found here - VSA VR-55 Web Page.


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