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Von Schweikert Audio VR9SE-Mk II Speaker System

Want to sell
Used Good Condition 6-7 / 10
For sale- Von Schweikert Audio VR9SE-II Speaker pair, gloss black finish- trade in at The Audio Company in Marietta GA (the ONLY authorized Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA Line dealer in the USA).


The VR-9 MkII; created by the legendary designer Albert von Schweikert, was one of Von Schweikert Audio's flagship loudspeakers for a decade, before its recent replacement by the award winning ULTRA 9. The VR-9 MkII incorporates all of VSA's proprietary technology including their Global Axis Integrated Network, Rear Ambiance Retrieval System, Cabinet Damping 2.0 and complete passive room integration suite. The VR-9 MkII reproduces the signature soundstage VSA is known for- with fast, tight, deep bass and pitch perfect tonal accuracy, only recently surpassed by their ULTRA Line of loudspeakers.

Recently taken in on trade from a customer upgrading to the ULTRA Line, this pair of VR-9 MkII speakers were shipped to Von Schweikert Audio for a complete inspection, which in current condition will include a 5-year warranty on all drivers and networks for the future owner.

The finish does have a number of chips in the paint and is considered a 6 out of 10. However, we have arranged for Von Schweikert Audio to do paint chip repair and paint correction, which should improve the finish condition to 8 out of 10, before the speakers are shipped.

The original MSRP was $118,000 and in its current state, we are offering the VR-9 MkII flagship loudspeaker for $50,000.00 plus shipping cost.

However- because these speakers are currently at the Von Schweikert Audio factory, the future owner not only benefits from their inspection and 5-year extended warranty for drivers and networks- they also have the option for the following upgrades.

- VSA Shockwave 1,000watt RMS Subwoofer Amplifier replacement (one per channel): $10K (includes 5-year amplifier warranty). This is the new ULTRA subwoofer amps which will significantly lowers distortion in the subwoofer region and will dramatically lower the noise floor of the speakers as a result.
- Complete Paint Refinish: $10K for most paints but will quote upon request. Customer selects their favorite automotive finish color, and the entire system is repainted to a 10 out of 10 finish.

Shipping will be from the VSA factory in Riverside CA- shipping costs will be calculated from there.

Thank you- please send conversation message, for any questions or for additional contact info (phone, etc).

FREQ RESP: 10Hz - 60KHz
REC. MIN. POWER: 100 watts
SIZE: 50"H x 18"W (rear) x 30"D
WEIGHT: 600 lbs each


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