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We are offering a 3 month old Ypsilon DAC 1000 for sale ( Retail priced at $44000 on sale at 21000 )
You all know how wonderful this DAC is.
DAC1000 at Munich. Ypsilon’s long awaited new D to A Converter with discrete R2R, high quality resistors and fast logic. It has AES, COAX, BNC and Optical Inputs, that accept PCM 192/24 and USB that accept PCM and DSD files. DSD files are routed to a dedicated converter.
Also there is an I2S Input with HDMI connector. The analog stage uses a single-ended tube transformer coupled at its output. Includes a remote control.

I can also add an Aurender W20 Special edition for 15K Or a Innous Statement for 12K
I can also add an Aurender W20 Special edition for 15K Or a Innous Statement for 12K



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