SteVe’s V System
Steve Rowan

SteVe’s V System

Legacy V speaker system with a 6 pack of JL Audio F 11 Mk 2s , CODA 16 amplifiers, and JimBob the Cat!
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SteVe’s V System
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Speakers: Legacy Audio Vs with Wavelet Crossover/DSP
Subwoofers: JL Audio Fathom 113.V2 (6 Pack)
Preamplifiers: CODA 0.7x, Tube Research Labs: The DUDE and PS Audio NuWave Phono
Amplifiers: (2) CODA Technologies 15.5 updated to 16s 100 watt Class A Stereo Amps
DAC: The First Lampizator Pacific Original with 6c41c Output Tubes and USAF 596 Rectifier “Frankie”
Streamer: Auralic Aries G2
Reclockers: The Uptone Audio IsoRegen cascaded into the Ideon Master Time Reclocker
Server: Custom 32Tb with No Fans and Dual HDPlex LPSUs
Cables: Revelation Audio Reference Powercord and Ethernet, Bestronic Belden 8402 Interconnects, Custom built power cords and speaker wire from Western Electric
Accessories: Uptone Audio LPS 1.2s, 2 EtherRegens, JS-2, and lots more
Power: 2 PurePower 3000 Regenerators, 20 10 Gauge Homeruns
Turntable: SOTA Sapphire with Sumiko Premier FFT Arm and Audioquest 404b Cartridge

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