High end audio, classical music, red wine, espresso, biking
Boston, MA
The Place To List Your Gear
Martin Logan Odyssey - heavily modified
REL Stadium III modified
Spectral DMC-30SV
Spectral DMA-500AR
Spectral SDR-3000SL
Berkeley Alpha DAC, modified; Yggy2
VPI Aries 3 custom isolation/Pass XP-25 heavily shielded and modified, Ortofon A90
Revox B77 MkII
Magnum Dynalab Etude
Cabling: MIT Matrix 50ic and MA-X phono, Matrix 90.1 SC, Shunyata Venom NR and XC cords, Denali 6000S V2, Typhon
Sr. Director, Software Engineering


Analog: VPI Aries 3, custom suspension + platter interface || Magnetically stabilized JMW 10.5i || Ortofon A90 || Modded & fully shielded Pass XP-25 || Last gen VPI SDS speed controller Digital: Spectral 3000SL || Fully shielded, heavily modded Alpha DAC & Yggdrasil 2 Amplification: Spectral DMC-30SV || DMA-500AR Speakers: Heavily modded MartinLogan (custom Mundorf xover, cabling, woofers, xformer; structural mods) || Modded REL sub Cabling: Fully shielded MIT Oracle 50ic,MA-X,90.1 || Shunyata Delta v2,Omega AES/EBU Power: Shunyata Denali 6000/S v2, Venom XC and NR cords, Typhon. Tweaks: Isodamp, mumetal, 3M AB5100, Copper tape; Vishay diodes, resistors, Mundorf coils & capacitors... System link WBF


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