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    Sablon Audio has a dedicated forum Sablon Audio, makers of award winning audiophile cables now has a dedicated forum for in-depth discussions!
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    Welcome to the new forum for Sablon Audio

    Welcome to the new forum for Sablon Audio, manufacturer of multiple award winning artisanal high end audiophile cables.
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    Welcome to Mike & Neli...

    Yes, these guys are super enthusiastic, and been going years. They also carry some great lines.
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    Welcome to Mike & Neli...

    We are delighted to welcome Audio Federation, a premier high end distributor in the USA to What's Best Forum.
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    WTF Is This???

    I have deleted the users who posted that. Anyone see any more? I can then delete.
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    Official Thread to Report Bugs, Concerns or Suggestions With The New Site Platform

    I like you. Thank you for the positives North Star. More stuff is planned, so.....
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    Archive Thread of Whats Best Forum Monthly Newsletters

    Our April Newsletter 2019.
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    Official Thread for questions on the new Classifieds Service

    I have now hidden the Latest Classifieds tab, as it is confusing people. We have the Classifieds main navigation tab, and then they see all the list of adverts in date order. That works best. Lets leave it like this.
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    Official Thread for questions on the new Classifieds Service

    OK, I have drilled down a bit on this. By hitting the New Classifieds tab, the software displays the latest ads, but only ones you haven't seen before. If you click that Ypsilon ad, then go back (as logged in) and go to Latest Classifieds, it does not display the Ypsilon. I am in comms with...
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    Official Thread for questions on the new Classifieds Service

    There is something weird going on. Please can you go into your advert and re upload your image, but add it as a full image into the start of the [post as my guide said. Then see if it shows up in New Media: New Classified Listings. Sorry, I deleted your preview photo while trying to fix this...
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    Official Thread for questions on the new Classifieds Service

    Looks ok here. I can see it from the Classifieds navigation top of the site.
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    Bespoke Audio TVC Passive Preamp - An Unassuming Star

    Yes, I was about to say the exact same thing. I have build 3 passives, the last on using the Elna 48 step series attenuator with Takamn non magnetics. So only 2 resistors in the path. It worked well, but I believe active is better, more body and bigger soundstage. Passives are best at ultimate...
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    Welcome to Graham Audio

    A press release
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    THE Greatest Coloratura Mezzo Soprano of all times?

    Here she is singing from Riccardo Broschi "Son Qual Nave". The things she can do with her voice are out of this world almost imposible for the human voice but not imposible for Bartoli. I think it is circa 2010, confirmation needed... where she also sang a lot of Handel.

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