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    Beyond Turntables-Micro Seiki SZ-1t, SX-8000II & SX-8000

    Hey EE, definitely will hold it’s value better than an Apolyt turntable...tangible, the vehicle, it actually exists :). vbw, a
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    Living Presence

    Hey Thomas, regarding the Apolyt, does corona mean, “who knows when” in Bavarian...:)? vbw, a
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    Beyond Turntables-Micro Seiki SZ-1t, SX-8000II & SX-8000

    Good brain is necessary. These are the two best old brains still in current production...Bob Graham and Lloyd Walker. ...young brain, there is one...Marc Gomez. vbw, -a
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    Living Presence

    Hey Thomas...congratulations! vbw, a
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    A Visit to Mik Bhavnani - Unique Audio UK

    ...ahhhhh, my kitties Sami and Blue and the Extreme machine.
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    A Visit to Mik Bhavnani - Unique Audio UK

    What, no legs...:) vbw, a
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    Magico A5s arrive at Rhapsody....color me confused;)

    Way cool Bob! vbw, a
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    Visit to Audiophile Bill to hear his horns project

    They run along the same continuum...:) vbw, -a
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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback got it David, sweet! Jeff is a very interesting and inquisitive fellow with a real knack for articulating his audio adventures. There is a lot of interesting content to read both on his blog, past reviews on different platforms and his current reviews on PFO. I think you will him...
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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    Dear Mr. DC, Mr. DK, if you have been to his den, listens to his speakers at very, very high dB levels...after your visit, your ear(s) will buzz for a week, or so. Most likely, years of exposure has compromised his hi-frequency hearing; hence, the Lamm Industries folks tell him that their...
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    Real Estate: Castles in Europe

    Hello to ground control...wake up, wake up... You’re so funny Ron...I am starting to worry, are you off your meds, have you had a TIA, or experiencing an active imagination hallucination :). Aren’t you the same California dude that is currently living a nightmare SoCal remodeling project...
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    Gian's system - Vyger-Opus vs Techdas AF3, SAT+Lyra Lambda

    Hello Tony, I believe that Bob V. at Rhapsody has the Coralstone setup on his Vyger. vbw, -a
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    What is "fast" ?

    Fast as Black as described by MB...
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    VYGER now available in the US

    Congratulations Mik! vbw, -a
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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    ...I have experience with both the ML2 and the ML3, both are super; however, the ML2 is the Lammie sleeper of all time... ...the best part is that you do not have to put 4 boxes on your subs :) vbw, -a

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