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    A.J van de Hul's "Frequently asked questions about phono cartridges"

    Yeeeeeeeees, I searched for that for months now. It was available on vdH homepage in the past, but deleted now. Thank you very much, Tima
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    Art Dudley

    It is so sad. Since the Listener days I followed him. I used Idler wheel record players and Lowther horns for years because of his recomendations. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
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    Thöress "Super" Preamplifier (with phono)

    I am using this Preamp for over 10 years now and there is definately no problem with the pots. If your poweramp is very sensitive, there could be some noise over the speaker. Thöress suggests input sensitivity of 2 Volt I think. Please check with Reinhard if there will be no problem with your...
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    It's Raining Plastic now ... as if ....

    Jute or cotton bags are my solution. These last for years. Since decades our family tries to avoid any plastic bag.
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    Chinese "Odin" cables

    Nethertheless, if these things are bought, they will reach the second hand market. Then these fakes will destroy the original because of poor performance. Some guys in a german forum are very proud that they found a cheap copy of an well known tubeamp. If you remove a sticker from the...
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    How do you clean your stylus?

    I am a ME believer. For years I use this this wonder an all my styluses ( Lyra, vdH, Denon, AT). I cut very thin pieces from the block. Lets say 2-3mm thick, 5mm wide and two inches long. When you blow on it, it will bend. So it is very flexible and will do no harm to the stylus, cantilver and...
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    Thoughts and musings on DIY silver solid core speaker cable

    When I dealt with high effinciecy speakers, I tried cheap silverwire and it was worse. Even magnetwire was better. Then I got in contact with Mr. Schmidlin in Switzerland. For speakers = One wire for + and one for - , not (!!!!!) twisted. This...
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    "High End" Speakers you have owned

    Not soooo many during the last 30 years..... Ohm F Apogee Caliper Thiel CS2 Intonation Terzian Hedlund Horn Magnepan 3.6SE
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    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    Hi Jackelsson, I am impressed! You upgraded your setup " a little bit" since I bought your Mint protactor. In these lazy days I am thinking about going back to airsuspension for my TW. Your DIY looks very interesting for me. BR Andreas
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Timbuk 3 "Eden Alley" <iframe width="360" height="270" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Am I just weird?

    Hi Jim, as I changed the tonearm on my Oracle to an OL Conqueror, I contacted Oracle and they send me the needed springs for that heavy arm (nearly 2 labs). When you are sure which arm you will purchase, ask them for advice which springs you will need. I am sure you will get great support. BR...
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    Thoress Phono Enhancer vs. Aesthetix IO Signature

    Hello, I own the full function Thöress Preamp and it is not slow. It has a very similiar phono stage as the old TW one. Beside of this, I heard the Enhancer several times on audio shows. It was really great. But there was no comparison of course. BR Andreas
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    Another Win for TechDAS

    It is " Live in Tokyo 2". A King Record release. Very rare, I guess
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    RIP Leonard Cohen

    Very, very sad News. I have gotten Leonard Cohen "Live Songs" as a present 40 years ago. At this time I heard Status Quo, Scorpions and Queen. This record changed my musical horizon. I adored him and his work since then. R.I.P

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