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    Gryphon Mephisto Stereo

    No, have not decided yet. A few audiophile friends in Singapore have also recommended some platform. A friend using Vitus is using Critical Mass Maxxum and the results have been positive for him. Another friend also using Vitus recommended SRA. He is using the SRA Virginia Class Reference...
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    Gryphon Mephisto Stereo

    How do you use Stillpoints under the Mephisto? I checked the under chassis of the Mephisto and noticed there are many bolts/nuts. It will be difficult to rest the bottom chassis of the Mephisto on the Stillpoints Ultra.
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    Gryphon Mephisto Stereo

    Thanks and good to know Stacore can ship overseas. Will do more research on this.
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    Gryphon Mephisto Stereo

    Thank you for your recommendation. But being located in Singapore, it will be a problem as there is no dealer here and there is no way to audition. What about HRS, Critical Mass Systems or Finite Elemente?
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    Gryphon Mephisto Stereo

    Hi, just last week, I bought a Mephisto stereo amp replacing my Pass XA100.8. Due to the size and weight of the Mephisto, I am placing directly on the concrete floor without any platform or rack. What is the recommended placement for the Mephisto to achieve improvement in sound? Thanks.
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    Advice appreciated (SF guarneri Tradition, Focal and others )

    I used to have a pair of Guarneri Homage (GH) (without sub) for many years before it was replaced eventually by Amati Futura. Futura sounded significantly better in my setup as compared to GH. It can play much louder without compression, better dynamics, better highs and lows and the scale is...
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    Sonus Faber Lilium

    Over the weekend, my dealer delivered a pair of Lilium replacing my Amati Futura. Out of the box, it sounded surprisingly good and it is significantly better than the Amati Futura. Just wondering any users of the Lilium has any advice to improve the sound of the Lilium such as replacing the...
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    The XP-27 has landed -- and it's staying right here!

    Hi Peter, congrats for changing to the XP27 phono amp. Like you, I am enjoying every moment with this amp.
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    Pass Lab owners - Check in!

    I had the Ref 6 for almost 9 months and the Ref 3 for 6 months. Both are very good amps and the final decision between Passlabs and ARC is depending on your taste. You won't go wrong with either of them.
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    Pass Lab owners - Check in!

    Thanks Peter. My XP22 and 27 are more than 100 hrs already and I started serious listening after 100 hrs and did not notice much changes. Unlike ARC which probably need more than 500 hrs, Pass pre is much easier as I left my Network player streaming to it 24 hrs non stop for many days. Yes I...
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    Pass Labs XP-22

    I wrote to Pass concerning the above and received a reply from Nelson Pass and Kent English in a day or 2. Excellent customer service from Kent English and Nelson Pass himself. I thought I should share with all of you so that we can all learn. Nelson Pass - No real problem stacking the units...
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    Pass Lab owners - Check in!

    Thank you. I can only describe the sound as a XP22 and XP27 combination as compared to Ref 6 and Ref 3 combination as most of my serious listening is on Vinyl. The Pass combo has a very quiet background as compared to ARC. Previously I was using Nagra BPS with Airtight ATC 2 pre. When it was...
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    Pass Lab owners - Check in!

    About a week ago, bought a XP27 and XP22 to replace ARC Ref 3 Phono and Ref 6 Line. Now my system is full Pass Labs. Right now, still trying to runin both amps. Attached are the pixs.
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    Pass Labs XP-22

    I just ordered the Pass XP22 and XP27 to replace my ARC combo yesterday and both pre and phono will be delivered this coming Monday. I understand that the power supply units of both the above units should be placed separate from the main units. As I have limited shelf space for the units, I was...
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    ARC Ref 3 Phono or the new Pass XP27 phono

    I bought a used Shunyata Zitron Hydra HC IEC 20 powercord early last week and when I connected it to the Ref 6 pre, the improvement is dramatic. The noise floor reduced significantly and the most obvious is that the whole system sounded so much more crisp and dynamic. It was so obvious when I...

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