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    Zingali Client Evo 1.2 'make over'

    Or maybe a Dalek?
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    Zingali Client Evo 1.2 'make over'

    So probably see me out! never sell then. I have plans this year to expand my audio sales, but will keep the Zingalis is another room for a second system. They don't make this model now, only the 1.5 Client Name, which I don't like as much, same 400 CD but bigger 15 inch woofer, does nothing for...
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    Zingali Client Evo 1.2 'make over'

    Polished the chassis wish car polishing paise and an electric buffer. Came up nice.Last stage this week fitting the xovers back in.Pity the base plate is pdf, but will look ok as white to match the sides. So bit different to the original paint black finish. I tired of that look, and they...
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    Zingali Client Evo 1.2 'make over'

    Here is a pic of the crossover, it is hard wired on MBF board, so not pretty. Ha Ha. But works fine. I had to adjust the resistor values, to tweak the level of the Compression driver, but didn't change the crossover point of design. It just has all parts upgraded, same values. I did add Duelund...
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    Zingali Client Evo 1.2 'make over'

    Here is the new B&C compression driver, changed from a 400 unit to the 550, which is 25% bigger, and has 140w handling up from 100w. It is also 107db up from 106db. The FR is flatter, and on listening, everything has improved, no downsides at all. Faster, bit more weight to the mids, and treble...
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    Zingali Client Evo 1.2 'make over'

    Hi all. I did a make-over on my Zingalis horn speakers. I have had them for about 8 years, and was never hot on the all black gloss finish. Too depressing. So... not for the faint hearted, I got my tools out and went to work. This is ongoing, over the last month, but getting close now. So, I...
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    Best audiophile headphones

    I used to own the BHSE and Stax 009, plus 3 KGSSHv, one being the Carbon. I moved on and up to the Abyss TC fed by my Moon 600i amp. The LCD4 out of the DAVE direct is also very good. The Stax is too floaty, unrealistic and after some years of it, I got bored. It is not reality as regards music...
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Sinope USB cable

    I have new stock if you wanted.
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    Field Coils for Audio Systems

    I am also interested in this type of driver for speakers. If t gives both a performance hike + extra efficiency it is a great thing.
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    The Helene is a USB DAC so you need a server to feed it data. It is not a Roon end point. If your server is Linux or Mac you will see the USB driver pop up in Roon. If a PC you may need to install the driver (supplied by Aries Cerat). In all cases it is pretty much plug and play.
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    FTA (Final Touch Audio) Sinope USB cable

    I am also getting great feedback from clients who have taken the plunge!
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    Vangelis - passing of a legend

    Yes Klaus Schulze also a legend. Quite different styles, of course Klaus was in Tangerine Dream in the early years, then did many solo projects and participations. The 11 CD set with Pete Namlook is super, I recommend anyone looking that up.
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    Aries Cerat at Munch 2022 > Aurora, Ageto, Aperio + many others

    I attended Munich and spent some time with the Aries Cerat team. The room sounded superb, which though expected from the electronics and speaker, can be a challenge in a Munich room re acoustics.. The new Aurora speaker was very interesting. Semi active and a radical design, it was superbly...
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    Vangelis - passing of a legend

    29 March 1943 Agria, Greece 17 May 2022 (aged 79) Paris, France I realised today Vangelis passed 17th May 2022. I spent a lot of time listening his albums, and everyone pretty much heard his film themes. For example Bladerunner, Chariots of Fire, Mutiny on the Bounty, Alexander, Conquest of...
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    SET amp owners thread

    My point is, ignore the Audio Note connection, there is no none. And proceed on the basis. If the kits were actually competitive v finished products by decent brands, tube maps, DACs, then they should come clean and change the name of the company and the names of the products. My point.

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