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    Anyone tried a Tom Port/ Better Records ‘Hot Stamper’

    Customers of Tom Port/Better Records are spending their dollars for the judgement that Tom and his panel make in determining the sound quality of different copies of a particular record. One question I have always had about the comparisons (besides the variations caused by the condition of the...
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    Mid 50's RCA tape

    Thanks, for tape playing - cleanliness is next to godliness. Biggest disaster I had was playing a tape with sticky shed. Even though it stopped only a few minutes into playing the tape - it was a big mess to clean up. Stuff was on the heads, lifters, guides, everywhere. Larry
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    Mid 50's RCA tape

    I don't have much experience with Maxell R2R tapes, only a couple of reels obtained randomly. I remember they were the most expensive tapes (or at least one of the most expensive tapes) you could buy. I'm quite sure that the commercial tapes didn't use Maxell for their reproduction. It may be...
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    Mid 50's RCA tape

    Don't know, but my RCA 2 track tapes from that era are all acetate. So are many of my early 4 track stereo tapes from the early '60's. Mylar replaced acetate for more modern tapes. Not sure whether that was the difference. The only RCA tape I have that indicates the origin is a Fiedler tape...
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    Finances | Business | Investments | Tesla Shares

    A typical standard question in investing in a business is what is the barrier to entry. For crypto as a business, it appears to be very low, given the large number of competitors in this space. The explosive growth of NFT's has also become the next big thing with almost no barrier to entry...
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    If you could have one album re-mastered what would it be?

    Great story. i don't know whether Dr. Norman Shumway of Stanford did any humming when he was doing heart transplants (he was the other great heart transplant surgeon during the '60's and '70's. ) My wife was at Stanford (one of two women in the Medical School Class of '73, the other one became...
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    Supersense Mastercut Edition Lacquers

    I agree that lacquers are not generally cut from original master tapes, but from production/safety masters which are made from the originals. I've seen copies of the data sheets from Decca tapes which show each time the original has been used to do make a production/safety master. In some cases...
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    Supersense Mastercut Edition Lacquers

    My understanding is that normally lacquers are cut from a production master (or a backup safety master) which is a copy of the original master. The production and safety masters are shipped to the mastering engineer and he/she cuts the lacquer and then one or more fathers and then several...
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    And For All You Octogenarian Abba Fans

    Hi Steve, thanks. I just saw this thread. I checked on Amazon and if you have prime you can hear the entire album. Probably on MP3. Larry
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    Do you leave your Lampizator DAC powered up, or not?

    Thanks, Steve. That is what I do. Not from knowledge but from convenience. Larry
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    Do you leave your Lampizator DAC powered up, or not?

    On my Pacific with volume control you can turn the on/off button on the remote and unit goes down to 0 volume and the front panel turns off. You can also power down the unit by turning the on/off switch on the back of the unit. My understanding is that the latter turns off the unit completely...
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    I hope this is better than HvK's previous outing of the Beethoven Triple with Richter, Rostropovich and Oistrakh on EMI in 1970. The three Russian superstars thought they looked like three smiling monkeys in back of the very serious HvK. Larry
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    Any point running vinyl on new recordings?

    I really like digital files that are at the original master level. For example, Reference Recordings 174/24 files are the original master files. Also very high resolution digital files, like those from NativeDSD - like their DSD256 files are very fine. Copying to lower resolution doesn't give...
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    Lampizator announcement: launch of our all new TOTL HORIZON DAC

    Just bit the bullet with the Horizon. Trading in my Pacific. Delivery in February. Color choice closer to production. Larry

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