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    Antipodes CX+EX

    Returning my CX back to the dealer. I'm happy with the EX+P2 and the addition of the CX did not really add a noticeable improvement in SQ for me to justify adding it to the system. Streaming was identical and local playback improved slightly with the way the music flowed but had to listen so...
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    Internal speaker wire suggestion/advice (Dalby Audio Design)

    Thanks, that was my gut feeling. Will get something thicker for the woofers.
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    S/PDIF cables with great value?

    Inakustik digital reference Albedo silver digital Tchernov digital (their entry lines are excellent for the price).
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    Internal speaker wire suggestion/advice (Dalby Audio Design)

    Hi guys, As the title suggests, need some advice or suggestions for internal wire upgrades for a speaker. I'm replacing some van den heul cs12/16 with dalby audio's new 320s silver/copper wire. Do the guages make any significant difference? I put in the dalby running for about 120hrs which is...
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    Latest is 2.7 for the software. I tried a SATA cable but ended up taking it out as there is such limited space inside it makes putting things back together too complicated. I had a pachanko pure reference SATA. I suppose it was a bit better (not worth wasting time breaking in 300hrs) and had to...
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    Technically with the P2 it's an extra box haha. You just gave me some more ideas - shouldn't have came back here!!! :)))
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    Hi Tuckia, The EX is connected via USB to the P2 reclocker and then from the P2 i have a COAX SPDIF cable going to the input of my Kinki Studio Vision1 DAC (I also have a word clock cable sync'd to the clock of the P2 from the word clock BNC input of the Kinki. I tried lots of combinations -...
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    Agreed on the point of the quality of support from the team at Antipodes. These guys are always there to answer questions and help and super professional. Great experience dealing with them from the beginning. I'm hanging on to the CX for another 2 weeks or so and then going to give it back to...
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    I think the EX+P2 reclocker closes the gap between the CX+EX. The combo does sound good but I suppose depends on how revealing the system is. In my experience the addition of the CX on my system does make an improvement even with the P2 but not major so hard for me to justify adding it into the...
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    Anyone use or is familiar with Zanden room treatment foam?

    I have the AT2 tube traps. Definitely controls the bass as bass traps normally do but with these I found quite a bit more detail/information in the midrange for monitoring which some other prosumer ones don't really do. I'm using them behind me with front ported bookshelves.
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    What ethernet cables are members using?

    FiData HFLC Ethernet cable
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    An Unexpected Champion : Intona Ultimate USB Cable

    Looks like an interesting cable, I wonder how it would compare to my current reference - Hemingway Audio USB.
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    This Antipodes stack is very underrated. It's pretty impressive. Musical and organic sounding, I tested local playback and didn't think I could squeeze any more performance out of my speakers but there is even better separation and ease now. Will have to see how good Santa is and gift me this...
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    Thanks for your reply Ian! I just borrowed the CX from my dealer to demo in my setup. So currently its with the ex and P2 all together. Will update with my impressions as I spend time with it. By the way you guys pay quite a bit over there in the UK for the combo. Hope the GBP improves.
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    Antipodes CX+EX

    I think the CX+EX in an ideal environment can give the SGM Extreme a run for it's money. Also considering the size of the Antipodes, they are well built.

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