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    my new 300+ pound listening buddy

    Bears do enjoy a friendly scratch behind ears :).
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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    I ve owned both the MAstersound Integrated and the Masteroound PFF-100 monoblocks, and the monoblocks were noticebaly better sounding on all of my speakers. The monoblocks just thad sense of unlimited musical reserve when blasted very loud. Also Masteround amps sound more refined when used...
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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    Actually there are couple of SE 845 based amps that are very powerful in the absolute terms (about 120 of SE 845 watts, which is about I 'd say 300 "regular" tube watts) and will play VERY loud into most sensible loudspeakers: the Mastersound PF-100, the Unison Research Finale monoblocks...
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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    With all due respect to Mr Hayes, who's EL -34 based amplifier I used to own in the mid 90s, but the KT 88 is the crudest & least refined sounding tube of them all, and that includes the entire 6550 family! Comparing the KT 88 to the 845 is like comparing 1980 POntiac Bonneville to the modern...
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    Thoughts on Jeff Rowland 925?

    Shakti hello, Were those Goldmund models in your AMP competition the current NExt Gen models, or previous generation amps? In what areas did the M825 "outperformed: the Telos amps in your view? Thanks so much!
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    Pilium Audio in action-

    Bob hello, Do these Piliums require a 20, or 30 AMP line, i.e whats their power consumption for the units with two power cords? Thanks!
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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    I second Mr Resnik here: Mastersound PF-100 are without a doubt one of the best (the BEST IMHO) 845 - based amps, and perhaps the most reliable modern tube amps in my experience with factory installed Shuguangs 845. Even a non Litz version is a marvel. These can drive practically any speaker in...
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    Symphonic Line

    Skanda, When will you be posting your impressions of the Kraft 300mk3? I ve been contemplating on buying this particular model for the last couple of years, yet only can purchase it without audition, as there are practically no dealers in the USA stocking& demoing it, so your observations...
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    Brick and Mortar Stores

    I know lot of folks love to trash the Sound by Singer store, but despite Andy S. often being arrogant and condescending, some say insulting (actually him being a fairly decent judge of character he could smell those potential clients that he could kinda "intimidate" and get away with it, that...
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    Recommendation for $7,000 System

    Bowers& Wilkins 703 s2 ($4000msrp), $3500 street (Alternative 1: Rega RX-3, $2000, these are better than the bigger RX5) Alternative 2: Eminent Technology 8b, with almost mandatory Sound Anchor stands- $2800, these are IDEAL for opera lovers, like myself, as few other speakers will portray the...
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    What's Everyone Reading

    Camille Paglia's Provocations..... First chapter is on the art of song lyric, which is quite fascinating so far ... Highly recommended book overall ....
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    Best DACs comparison test result [[My Subjective Opinion]]

    Also, for curiosity's sake, if by any chance you have access to the older Goldmund Mimesis 10 dac, or Meta Research Convert One ... ( I owned Goldmund and still use Meta Research). These use Goldmunds proprietary multi bit (secret) dac modules.... Frankly very few modern day dacs have matched...

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