May 18, 1963 (Age: 57)
The Place To List Your Gear
McIntosh MC2301 Mono tube Amplifiers
Aesthetix IO Signature tube phono Amp
Octave Jubilee reference preamp
Transrotor Apollon TMD 80MM platter w/3 motors 24DC power supply
SME V x 2
Benz LP, Benz LPS, Benz Ruby Z, Gold-ring, Soundsmith Sussaro MKII,
Shunyata power cables
PS Audio P20 amps
PS audio P5 sources
Audioquest / Neotech / Tempo Electric interconnects
Classic Audio Loudspeakers T1.5 reference field coil horn speakers with 15” and 18” bass drivers
Copulare Amp and audio equipment racks
Clearaudio MontBlanc Turntable stand
Iso-Acoustic isolators
GIK acoustics diffusers / bass absorbers


McIntosh MC2301 300 watt tube mono tube amps
Octave Jubilee Reference Preamp
Aesthetix IO Signature Phono amp
Transrotor Apollon TMD turntable with 80MM platter 3 motors, 24VDC quartz power, 2 arms
SME V tonearm x 2
Benz LP, Benz LPS, Benz Ruby Z, Goldring Elite, Soundsmith Sussaro MKII, Hyperion
Clearaudio MontBlanc turntable stand
PS Audio P20 amps
PS Audio P12 sources
Shunyata Alpha NR2 power cables
Audioquest Fire/Neotech/Tempo Electric interconnects
phono interconnect: silver breeze, Nordost Tyr, Nordost Fry, VDH 501, Wireworld platinum 8
Isoacoustics isolators
Copulare amp and audio racks
Classic Audio Loudspeakers T1.5 Reference field coil speakers. KEWAZINGA Finish. Components include 1-18" Field Coil Powered floor firing Woofer. 1-15" Field Coil Powered front Woofer. 4" Beryillium fitted Field Coil Powered Midrange compression Driver, and Fostex T-500A II Super Tweeter



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