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    Any cyclists here?

    Pretty amazing story. I am very happy you got your bike back Ralph. I know what it must mean to you! A little off topic, but thanks for the reference on for bike registrations. My Richard Sachs was built by one of the all-time great steel frame builders, and is not replaceable...
  2. Barry

    Brinkmann Balance/ Kuzma 4P

    That's great speed stability. I have a TW Acustic Raven Anniversary (belt drive) with the 3 DC motor (single unit) hooked up to a Roadrunner speed tachometer. It's a somewhat higher mass design than the BB. I do notice more speed variability until the turntable runs for a half hour or so. The...
  3. Barry

    Counterpoint tubes

    Jazzer: For Rectifier tubes in both the SA_5000 and SA-220 the best by far is the RFT EZ80 from Germany. They're about $20 each. I don't have any recommendations for the other tubes as my NP220 takes a different input tube than the 6DJ8/ 6992 tubes yours uses.
  4. Barry

    SA-9 Transformer Replacement

    This is a shot in the dark since Alta Vista Audio (Counterpoint) has been out of business for over 8 years, but you may want to try contacting Plitron directly as they may still have the part numbers somewhere. They would begin with AVA (Alta Vista Audio). Try: Anna Perruccio CSR Ext. 234...
  5. Barry

    Confessions of an Audiophile Junky-I Got Center Stage With Pitch Perfect Sound

    Recently put a set of CS2 .8 footers under my Sansui TU717 modified tuner. It came alive!
  6. Barry

    Best Sounding FM Tuner?

    The Tuner Information Center (TIC) has the most comprehensive information on vintage FM tuners of any site on the web. The panel of experts has some of the best technical people in the business and includes people who've owned, repaired, and modified hundreds of tuners. It even has a review...
  7. Barry

    tima's DIY RCM

    The other day I saw .2 micron filters somewhere, on Amazon maybe? They cost a little more.
  8. Barry

    Vishay Z-Foil vs Audio Note Non-Magnetic Resistors

    No experience with Mundorfs. They get some good reviews over on diyAudio which is where I'd research. I used the AN Kaisei in the signal path, in a low voltage application, NOT in a power supply. There, I found them warm, liquid, a little "oily" sounding, and somewhat bass-shy. It's possible...
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    Vishay Z-Foil vs Audio Note Non-Magnetic Resistors

    Texas Components, the US manufacturer of Z-foil resistors, shows values of 10 to 100K ohms. The voltage rating is 200V and .4watt. They will make custom values for you and you can inquire about that on their US website. Despite having ordered and used a few hundred (they actually emailed me...
  10. Barry

    What nice wines did you taste this weekend?

    That quartet is a little outside my price range, but I'm happy to come for a visit!
  11. Barry

    What nice wines did you taste this weekend?

    No. It's on my list now.
  12. Barry

    What nice wines did you taste this weekend?

    I'm big on fizz. Since there are some Champagne lovers here, if you like rose, you might consider trying this recently released 2012. Lovely red fruits with a touch of spice, well balanced, mouth-watering acidity, and a long minerally finish. Beautiful color. Not into rose, and want something...
  13. Barry

    Analog Magik

    Wonderful setup and specs. When you get some time on it, please let us know (in a new thread) how you like the new Lyra Etna Lambda, and how it compares to the previous Etna.Thanks!!!!!!
  14. Barry

    Analog Magik

    Very nice. I wish he would do us all a favor. I think Bill should go back to work...again!
  15. Barry

    I am sick of failing amplifiers

    IMHO audio is largely a cottage industry, the owners of the audio companies are getting along in years (and may not be around when you need them), and audio reviews are a mixed bag at best, and a poor means of determining product reliability. Foreign companies may be difficult to communicate...

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