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    The MF2550 - not just an ordinary amplifier

    Despite the confusing numerical name, the MF2550 has little or nothing to do design-wise with the various MF2500 predecessors. The latter are MOSFET based, and while lovely, run a a bit "dark" in sound. I own and MF80 and a MF2550, and the latter has a sound closer to that of the sparkle of...
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    Conrad Johnson GAT ...

    The gain issue has come up several times before on various fora, and IIRC, it's easy to deal with, I believe without a mod of the GAT per se.. A resistor or the like is inserted aft of the output from the preamp. If no one answers here, check some of the other CJ owners fora. The answer is out...
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    A small upgrade in amplification

    Not about 6922s, but FWIW, I got a couple of M8080s direct from CJ that went bad prematurely (about 2 months, I think), and they were glad to replace them, even though we both agreed it wasn't their fault. On the subject, what would you think about replacing each 6922 with a pair of M8080...
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    A small upgrade in amplification

    Agree with you on the Mullard M8080s. Nothing quite like them.
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    A small upgrade in amplification

    Beautiful system (and cute cat). Are those the Classic 60se amps in your profile, or are they new LP125s? Also, how do you like you Mac CD player?
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    Those rare NOS Mullards

    Glad you're enjoying your PV-15. I love my Classic One SE Preamp, which uses two Mullard 8080s. I had an ET-5 for a while, but found I preferred the Classic SE, just a bit more "golden" CJ sound than the ET5, which is a seriously fine amp and I would say "better" overall than my little Classic...
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    Those rare NOS Mullards

    I bought 4 NOS M8080 Mullards from CJ, same as yours in white box with paper. I paid about US$50 per/tube. Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 developed a rustling sound within a month. CJ refunded my money, no problem. I then bought 10 from a UK company on eBay for US11 each. They were identical to the...
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    interconnect between CJ help!!

    I use a Kimber Silver Streak between my CJ Classic preamp (similar to the PV12) and CJ power amp. The PV 12 is a little dark, and a silver cable cable works well.
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    CJ presents another control amplifier classic- CAV45

    Thanks for your very thoughtful comments, which I need to process. As I live right near the cj headquarters, I happened to drop by there today to get some tubes for my Classic SE. They directed me to several local shops that can provide an audition along the lines you recommend. I will report...
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    CJ presents another control amplifier classic- CAV45

    You mention wouldn't surprise me if CJ's preamps have a slight bass boost "built in" so to speak. (My old PV-7 sure did.) It's amazing to me how even a subtle bass boost (or lack thereof) can affect the perception of the overall sound. I imagine a passive setup would have little or no...
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    CJ presents another control amplifier classic- CAV45

    Advice? Congratulations on your great setup.:cool: Question: I was thinking of buying a Classic 60 to drive my Harbeth 30.0s. Since I have the Classic SE (line stage only) already, and really like it, I think it might make more sense to keep it rather than spring for the CAV45, but I'd be...
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    CJ presents another control amplifier classic- CAV45

    Thanks -- I think I get it. Another question though -- doesn't the passive pre-amp just cut down the gain -- in other words, I thought it actually did not "amplify" whatever goes into it.
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    CJ presents another control amplifier classic- CAV45

    Sorry, I'm confused. I don't get the dealers's comment about the ET3 -- I thought the ET3 is basically a Classic with a remote volume control (slight;y better, but not much better). Also, can one expect a passive control amp work with a turntable/carrtridge? The audio quality is questionable...
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    CJ presents another control amplifier classic- CAV45

    I wonder if they will ever offer an se version? Is there room for Teflon caps? (I believe they are larger than standard CJ caps?)
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    conrad-johnson Factoid

    I'd say Mac is riding pretty high these days. CJ is still as respected as it was in the early days, for largely the same reasons. But it's a much more crowded field today.

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