I have been averaging one concert a week last few months at Barbican, Royal Festival Hall, Wigmore Hall, etc

Politics, Cricket, Economy, Markets, Movies, Rock, Blues, Classical, Opera, watching con
The Place To List Your Gear
Digital: Lampizator Golden Gate. Kr 242 valves. Also own PX25, Special Lampi EML 45 Globe Anniversary, Anni KR 5u4g Lampi recti.

Analog: Want to move to analog. Will take time and research.
Speakers: Had Martin Logan Summits and Verity Leonores. Now wanting to get a new place with a bigger lounge, and focused on two choices - either getting a restored Apogee Scintilla or bespoke horns with SET or |OTL. Choice consistently confused

Amps: Will run a merry go round of amps depending on speaker choice above. SS choices include Luxman M900u, Symphonic Line Kraft, Berning Quadrature Z, Vitus. favorite amp for horns, Tenor 75 OTL. Have to do some SET compares

Tweaks: Shun Mook. Played around with other tweaks but these are the only ones I believe in.
The Place To List Your Reference Tracks Recordings CDs
Investment Banking


Audition recordings: Zero Distortion Link; Reference Components: Zero Distortion Link; Own: Lampi GG, Allaerts, Allnic 7000v, two pairs of Altec 515B woofers, TAD 4003 One-day-to-build dual woofer Front loaded horn (FLH) Analog shortlist: VDH master Sig Stradivarius, Decca, red sparrow on LT, in increasing order of price Schopper TD124, ST ST Motus II, Brinkmann Balance, Vyger Atlantis



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