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    Best Amp - Speaker Combination you've ever Heard.

    Between 2015 and 2017, I spent weekends visiting dealers around the UK. I was open-minded to all and everything. Was lucky enough to listen to a wide variety of gear and met so many dealers and personalities. I heard Sonus Faber, Audio Research, Tron, Kondo, Magico, Focal, Naim, Devialet, DCS...
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    Is there a streamer front end that doesn't cost mountains!?

    How about a Beosound Core for £600/$600? It will stream from streaming services and present the ripped files from your CDs. It has an integrated DAC but if you prefer to use your own DAC it equipped with a Toslink out.
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    Spectral Voltage conversion

    Does this work for their CD players?
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    Top Spectral system

    I’ve gone back to CDs after fondling with streaming. Missed them so much. I would love that CD player but may be second hand used or exdemo in 20 years from now.
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    Has there been any further mention in Spectre circles of the much talked of DAC?
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    Text below from: “In addition to the Linn Sondek turntable, Jobs owned a 200-watt Spectral Stasis-1 power amplifier, a FET-One preamp, and a Denon Tu-750 tuner. Originally, he’d outfitted himself with large Acoustat Monitor 3...
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    Managed to locate an exdemo dealer SDR-4000SL (previous model) with aftercare if needed from a very helpful dealer. Would someone be kind enough to let me know what they think would be a reasonable price for his please?
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    I wasn’t demanding that they build me a new product that they didn’t feel comfortable making. I enquired about an existing product. Lots of companies are exemplary in their products and execution and can still show interest in their customers and the community/market that they operate in. I...
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    So they are ambivalent about sales, their dealers, their customers, new and potential customers, poor on customer service and have a website that looks like it was last revamped in the late 1990s...very intriguing. Is Spectral a mere hobby on the sidelines for the founders then?
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    It’s actually quite difficult to find a properly engineered CD player based on solid and exemplary electrical measurements. Measurements aren’t everything but the foundation of an excellent audio product should be the finest laboratory measurements before the later tweaking/sounding occurs IMHO...
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    Gone back to CDs from Roon. Roon has been down for last month since iOS Catalina and am pretty fed up with the delay. This can only happen again. I’ve missed CDs if I’m honest and given that I mostly listen to classical, the tagging and ripping became a big bore. Enjoy the ritual of using CDs...
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    They replied by email and said they only sell within the Netherlands but didn’t elaborate or offer any alternatives.
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    Called Spectral from the UK and after a wait was told they don’t have a UK dealer and couldn’t help. Is there a reason Spectral don’t sell to the UK or for that matter only sell to only a handful of countries worldwide? They didn’t seem motivated to come with any alternative suggestions for a...
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    Visit to Marc C.'s (SpiritOfMusic's) House in England

    Well there's a paif of Lizsts now for 35000 euros on Audiomarkt which is a fraction of the price. That's a whole lotta speaker. I know what you mean but despite what a lot of people say i've heard horns with solid state and they sound phenomenal. A lot of solid states are super quiet whilst a...
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    The Know-It-All Audiophile

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