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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    Psvane WE 300B and the Elrog 300B..very close with both but liked the ACME best.
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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    I have their ACME 300B tubes in each of my SET mono blocks and will be buying 2 matched pairs of the ACME 845s soon..They are great tubes.
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    Tidal Audio Speakers cables

    Did you buy them directly from Tidal??...I have Contriva Dicera-SEs...I am using Silent Source 'Master Reference' speaker cables..great..What other cables have you used..?
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    What are you favorite 845 tubes?

    I have Psvane WE 845s that are great but i will be replacing them with the new Psvane ACME 845s soon..
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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    thanks for your comments. i would love to hear your thoughts on the ACMEs. I have an updated picture of my system with my 2 new REL 212 SE subs but can't seem to upload the pic...
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    Is this a good place to talk about Vimbergs ?

    The Piano G2s are great speakers and much better than the Ameas....which they should be as they are the true Tidal designs...You should love them forever. Enjoy the MUSIC..
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    Is this a good place to talk about Vimbergs ?

    ....I have heard them at Doug White's house outside of Philadelphia. Great speakers created by a designer genius....superb craftsmanship..A REL sub will mate perfectly with the Area...
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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    Saleh84...Great looking system..I am sure it sounds amazing..I will be buy two matched pairs of Psvane ACME 845s very soon. I have the ACME 300B already. I liked them better than the Elrog a slight margin though.
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    Best Amp - Speaker Combination you've ever Heard.

    Here Chalice Audio 'Grail' mono block SET amps and my Tidal 'Contriva Dicera-SE' combo is the best i have heard. The other Grail owner, who also has Tidal speakers...T1 Sunrays...says the same thing.
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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    I have compared the Elrog 300B vs Psvane ACME 300B and, again, it was not a unanimous choice but i ended up with the ACME 300B and sold the Elrogs.Better midsized and highs with the ACMEs.
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    Psvane Acme Series (new flagship series)

    Joeygun..I have both the Psvane WE300B and the Psvane ACME 300B...The ACME tubes are the newer pair. I went back and forth initially and did not think there was a significant difference but about 2 weeks ago i put the ACME tubes back in and the improvement was immediate.Much better detail, vocal...
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    Lumin X1 flagship server/dac

    Bluefox....'you can switch off the services which you don't use to max the sound quality.....'..can you elaborate..??
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    SET amp owners thread

    My SET amps are Chalice Audio 'Grail' mono blocks. My speakers are Tidal Contriva Dicer-SE Lumin S1 Network Player REL 212 SE subs x 2.. Silent Source 'The Music Reference' Powercords and speaker cablesLessloss C-MARC interconnect Lessloss 'Firewall for Speaker Cables'

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