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    DCS Puccini/Scarlatti Master Clock upgrade

    Still it may be worth to add some $$$ and go with the Vivaldi DAC + dCS newest Network Bridge (connected through Dual AES EBU). It will have all functionality of Rossini DAC and even better performance. This may be the best value combo in current dCS line.
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    Vitus sia 025 vs d'agostino momentum integrated amps

    Hi, Unfortunately classical music is not my first or even second choice. Sorry for that. I'm rather rock & jazz guy :) But I preferred Vitus mainly because of more lifelike presentation. SS-101 has unique magic in midrange like good SET. Black background, fluidity and smoothness. But it's...
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    Vitus sia 025 vs d'agostino momentum integrated amps

    I hope this won’t sound too biased. I recently had an opportunity to compare in friend’s system SIA-025 with Momentum Integrated on Wilson Audio Sabrina. While D’agostino may have a touch better bass slam and more open top end it can’t compete with Vitus midrange quality and overall...
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    Avalon Tesseract

    Dear Jazzhead, Could you please share with us if the cabinet of Tesseract is made of MDF? Or other material? Thanks ! Kamil
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    Avalon Tesseract

    Sorry, forgot to mention these are not my pics. They were taken in Avalon showroom in the factory if I recognize correctly. Also looking for some first listening impressions :-)
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    Avalon Tesseract

    The very first real photos of Tesseract.

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