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    Zero-Distortion: Visit to Mike Lavigne - Saskia vs CS Port vs NVS, DaVa, Etsuro, Primary Control

    I will add one other point:. I thought it was unfair to take a snipe at the GPA Monaco table. You don't explain what your issue is with the table or make any comparison. I have the GPA Monaco II and think it is one of the finest turntables I have heard. If you disparage a particular product, you...
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    Free Opera and Demo Albums

    I have 8 boxes of Opera to give away to anyone who can pick them up. They are all in excellent condition and many are from Europe (eg. Decca, Phillips). I also have a box of demo like albums from Command, Project3, Phase4, Everest, etc, for free. I live in White Plains, NY. Pm me if you are...
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    South East Florida

    I'll be moving down to Boca Raton in June and I'm trying to find other audiophiles down there. It looks like there was once and attempt to have a club down there, but it apparently dissolved pretty quickly. I contacted a couple of audio stores, but so far have not gotten contact details. If...
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    Ortofon's new flagship 'MC Century' announced

    I've had the MC Century since it came out. I think it is one of the finest, if not the finest, cartridges I have heard. Prior to owning the Centruy, I had the Anna, the MC 90 and Dynavector XVs (in reverse order). I liked the speed and fantastic detail retrieval of of the MC 90, but longed...
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    Pruning My Collection

    So, a few things I should have initially made clear: I won't be able to send out the albums, and will not accept payment, until the virus lockdown here in NY is lifted (hopefully in a couple of weeks). If you tell me what you want now, I can pull the albums and get everything ready. I will...
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    Pruning My Collection

    I got into audio and buying LPs over 40 years ago. I was never interested in becoming a "record collector" - that always seemed to require too much time and effort. Nonetheless, somehow I have wound up with a pretty sizable collection (I'm not sure how many, I've never counted them - whenever...
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    NJ/NY Area-Introduction of the Merrill Audio Tape Head Preamp- this Saturday

    Well, that's a really good question. I guess it was audiionervosa. The fear that there may be the occasional tape where I would need to adjust the HF (also the meters are cool). As it turns out, on 99.9,% of my tapes (from a number of different sources) the HF is no more than 1/2 db out ( on...
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    NJ/NY Area-Introduction of the Merrill Audio Tape Head Preamp- this Saturday

    Ron, I don't know anything about the electronics (other that it is solid state) and an not an engineer, but I can say that the purity of the sound must reflect a focus on purity of the signal path. I have the master version and aside from the unbelievable Dynamics, it's the natural transparency...
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    New idea for Bass mode treatment

    Given the size of bass waves, particularly those below 150hz, i have real doubts that those will be effective addressing bass nodes. They may be effective for mids and highs, but are not real diffusion. In my experience, to address anything below 100hz, good diaphragmatic bass traps are the only...
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    8 Stillpoint Ultra 5s

    8 Stillpoint Ultra 5s. Excellent condition, with original boxes. Fantastic under speakers. $3,200 for all
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    Bass Traps and Diffusers for Sale

    They are made from a Maple-like veneered MDF, so I guess you could call that blonde

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