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    Shunyata Power Cord for digital/ sources

    I thought I saw on some forum that Shunyata recommended the Venom v14 digital for digital sources that output a digital signal. Examples might be streamers or computers. On the other hand if device outputs analog like a dac, it was just to use one of the NR line that best fits budget.
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    ELPISPANDORA Cables: Anyone ever listen?

    Appreciate the comments and look forward to any further thoughts on them.
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    SP10mk3 makeover ideas

    I’m thinking about getting a 10r myself. One #1 contending upgrade is to put it into a OMA plinth.
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    Best power cord goes where when using an AC regenerator?

    I would be using the XC line from the wall to the power regenerator. Slightly off topic, I hear people recommend using this or that power conditioner instead of a power regenerator. Personally, I think this is often bad advice. Regenerators solve a completely different problem than power...
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    CTH-8550 Better amp or preamp?

    So if I am hearing comments so far, you would recommend going with NHB-18 first. micro recommending unless you are going with NHB-108 or 458, the NHB-18 isn’t competitive for price. Does that sound right?
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    CTH-8550 Better amp or preamp?

    Curious about opinions on which is the CTH-8550 stronger at, amp or preamp? In other words, if I was going to step into the Dartzeel separates, should I get the NHB-108 or NHB-18NS first. And let’s assume any could handle my speaker load.
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    I have a 2a3:amp that I use for a headphone setup so my comments are reserved for that. Here are some you should take a look at. new production: psvane acme supreme: decent all around eml 2a3 mesh: they currently have an anniversary globe version available: I think better than psvane. A bit...
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    ELPISPANDORA Cables: Anyone ever listen?

    Which SUT did you add?
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Btw, I Thanks for the info. If I understand what you are saying, if I have nos px25, getting rd27as might not be priority. as for my ad1 vs ad1n, I was asking if you have compared a real ad1 from someone like valvo or maybe tungsram vs ad1n. Sorry if I wasn’t clear
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    ELPISPANDORA Cables: Anyone ever listen?

    Was chatting with Francois at ANAMIGHTYSOUND who is now carrying this cable line from Japan. Hand made. They look crazy. But Francois swears by them. Curious if anyone has tried them out. Would love any feedback.
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Makes sense. Justin: any comment on the nos px25 vs rd27as? Anyone else compare nos AD1? Vs. tesla ad1n?
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    tesla rd27as is basically a nos px25. Has anyone compared it against nos px25? I have nos px25 and curious if I should consider trying to get a pair of the Tesla’s. also, curious if anyone has actually tried nos ad1’s? Compared to Tesla ad1n? The ad1n are indirectly heated vs. ad1 dht
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    CTH-8550 Setup Question

    I just picked up 2nd hand CTH-8550 that has literally just been serviced by Dartzeel. Wanted to get a feel for the Dartzeel sound in my setup. Either I’ll be happy or this was a big mistake for my wallet as will want to go for the separates. In any case, I am moving from a mostly headphone...
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    CTH-8550 mkll

    They did some upgrades and switched to MKII sometime late last year. I did ask Dartzeel about it. The changes were described as ”evolutionary.” Forgot to note that from what I understand, Dartzeel does make changes...

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