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    DCS Vivaldi

    I use Esoteric P-03
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    DCS Vivaldi

    It could be a matter of individual taste, but I have recently switched from full dCS Vivaldi stack to Nagra HD DAC X and I am not looking back. I do use a transport in the current setup as well.
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    Recent Issue with my Krell Evolution Two Preamp!!! Any Ideas???

    I would recommend sending an email to Krell's service department. I am confident that Patrick (or someone else there) will honestly try to help with the issue before they recommend to have the units sent to them.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    In case anyone may have interest in adding transport to their Vivaldi stack, I just listed mine for sale (silver finish, mint, latest software). Feel free to contact me for details.
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    FS: dCS Vivaldi Transport - latest version

    I have for sale my dCS Vivaldi Transport in silver finish and in mint condition, latest software version. Asking price is USD 19.5k plus shipping or best reasonable offer. Please contact me with any questions or to discuss pricing.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    If you hold the power button (same one you use to wake it up) on the remote for ~2+ seconds , it will put it to sleep mode.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    I have been thinking of trying Roon (with my Synology 713+) as well, but I had read (in the instructions) that Roon recommends NAS with 4GB of RAM, while my unit has just 1GB. Also, would need to add SSD...., so these requirements have slowed down the timing of my experiment a bit. Any...
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    DCS Vivaldi

    I agree as well, the upsampler update to 2.0 Plus improved redbook playback by not a thin margin. It was a surprise to me. The update was very well worth the cost.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    A side note: as great as dCS Vivaldi's network playback is, dCS Vivaldi transport still sounds better, at least in my setup.
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    DCS Vivaldi

    Also, doesn't Roon still lack DSD capability?

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