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    Robert Koda K160 Amps are on their way finally!

    Hello Amadeus. Are you happy with the replacement of Dragon with Sonus faber? What are your impressions? Ultimately, which sounds best to you? It would be interesting to know about this. Thank you.
  2. David David

    Advice appreciated (SF guarneri Tradition, Focal and others )

    I love my Guarneri. I think they have a more accurate and faster sound. Compared to Serafino and Amati. But the right amp is very important.
  3. David David

    Amp recommendations for SF Guarneri Evolution

    Hello friends. My Classic Stereo finally come to dealer. In stock now. But I, thinking about others variants also. Jeff Rowland 8Ti-HC - what about this one? And Rowland 8Ti-HC vs. D'Agostino Classic Stereo, any opinions for this versus? Cheers.
  4. David David

    I have updated my fantastic Model 8tihc, which I play, for info, preamps

    Hello. What about the original preamp Synergi? Any opinions for use with 8Ti-HC?
  5. David David

    New integrated K-300i

    Krell Industries has released its new K-300i integrated amplifier (not to be confused with the similarly-named KAV-300i integrated amplifier!). It has a newly developed amplifier circuit that uses Krell’s trade-marked ‘iBias’ technology and an internal web server that provides a remote graphical...
  6. David David

    Amp recommendations for SF Guarneri Evolution

    Thank you Davey. I want to replace CDP, but not the speakers :)
  7. David David

    Amp recommendations for SF Guarneri Evolution

    I always pay my respects to all the GH talents. They are great speakers. Just outstanding. Quality build and finish, and of course sound. True G. But I got a pair of my Evo recently, and now I'm busy with the installation and fine-tuning. Evo responds to the slightest changes in the system...
  8. David David

    Amp recommendations for SF Guarneri Evolution

    Hello microstrip, and thanks for your feedback. About some Jadis... Yes, I'll try to look at these amplifiers, but I'm still really looking forward to the Classic Stereo. A difficult situation. But the audition will show. You are absolutely right about this. Although, it seems to me that...
  9. David David

    Sonus Faber House Sound

    Hello Davey. I agree that warm is an important ingredient in SF sound. If I understood you correctly. And for me, new Tradition series lost warm in the sound. IMHO.
  10. David David

    Sonus Faber House Sound

    I totally agree with you.
  11. David David

    New Kaya series launched

    Reminds me some Genelec models. But interesting.
  12. David David

    Amp recommendations for SF Guarneri Evolution

    Hello, and thank you for discuss in thread. Unfortunately I can not access Momentum, but here what I read in the description of the Classic Stereo: "Its core technologies are heavily based on the design of D'Agostino's acclaimed Momentum amplifiers." Do you think this is true? Or just a...
  13. David David

    Amp recommendations for SF Guarneri Evolution

    Hello Davey! Really thanks for your answers, I appreciate it. Totally agree with you when you say that the best solution for an amplifier is monoblocks. About Bully Sounds: you listened to the BSC, and you did not like the sound of these amplifiers? I never listened to them, but I believe in...
  14. David David

    Amp recommendations for SF Guarneri Evolution

    Hello. Oh, I think that I'm interested in amplifiers from BSC. Their top models. I like the concept and design. I think that these are good amplifiers. But, do they still made amplifiers? I have no information about it. I send email a month ago, but no answer. If someone knows about this, then...
  15. David David

    Italian artistry and world class sound...the world of Sonus Faber

    Price argument is spurious ? Tell this to BMW, with their 3-r and 7-r series. Or tell this to Rolex, with their Oyster and Daytona. Price argument is spurious. Good try, but no. Accordo is nice speakers, but they will never be compared with Guarneri. It's just different leagues. You know...

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