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    Mobile Fidelity UD1S Thriller

    Only played billie jean and ticks all the hifi boxes But also bit boring and lifeless Borrowed copy would Never own a MJ record
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    in the market for a turntable....

    Verete DG Vertere DG-1 S review: evolved turntable remains a class leader | What Hi-Fi? (
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    What's the best subwoofer? REL? JL AUDIO? Velodyne? Wilson? Something else?

    AV system Triamped L/C/R Horns with 2x18inch Commercial cinema Sub with Quattrocanali DSP+ 4x1250wpc Amp with DSP 10hz @ 100dB ( Limited ) as they can output 20HZ @ 1 m 139 dB SPL They do offer 30inch Drivers single to quad
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    Audio Technica LPW30TK - Help?! Cannot islolate problem

    Buy a better , cheaper Turntable from Project or Rega these will last decades all these cheap chinese TTs will end up in lanfill
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    Breaking: Dartzeel to release phono cartridges

    Even established cartridge companies buy their styli+cantilevers from specialists Only nagaoka make all in house
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Perfume Genius - Ugly Season LP
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    Edwards Audio TT5 Anniversary

    Debut Evo Project has factory upgrades & 9 colour options add matching MaiA S3 , Speaker Box 5 S2 for a excellent compact vinyl / streaming system Pro-Ject Debut Upgrade Program Review | AVForums

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