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    Cybershaft new top model 10M clocks : UPOCXO-OP20A/OP21A

    LPS for Cybershaft OCXO OP20A. Three days ago my new L044 16V Auralic Widder Linear Power Supply for the Cybershaft 20A clock arrived. It has an internal EMV filter, a capsuled transformer, expensive Wima MKP10 foil capacitors and high quality Rubycon and Elma electrolytic capacitors with...
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    Cybershaft new top model 10M clocks : UPOCXO-OP20A/OP21A

    Hello Justtubes, thank you for all these informations. Yes, groundisolation from vibrations is very important, probably even more with the relative lightweight Cybershaft unit. Your Mutec Ref10-120 has a huge EMV filter implemented. As you can see in the picture, the Cybershaft r-core...
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    Cybershaft new top model 10M clocks : UPOCXO-OP20A/OP21A

    Dear CKKeung, report will come. The Clones Power Station Deluxe is surely a much better LPS compared to the L044. Thats what Kenji Hasegawa also wrote about external LPS: „The OP20A has a cooperative filter (LT3045) that removes noise from the external power supply. As a result, the external...
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    Cybershaft new top model 10M clocks : UPOCXO-OP20A/OP21A

    I took a look inside my new clock Cybershaft OP 20A. And there is one huge advantage to all the other utimative clocks available: You can connect it to an external linear power supply. Mr. Kenji Hasegawa wrote to me: „ Regarding the external power supply, we think that it is a measure...
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    Reality is Cruel Part II : CH Precision T1 10M Clock

    The new Cybershaft Clock OP20A arrived today! And the internal clock module is huge and massive shielded. The following settings were made: all outputs low for - Esoteric K01XS - Esoteric N03T 50 Ohms...
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    TEAC P/70 and D/70

    Hello Hipper, 1.) for many years I owened and enjoyed this combination. By the years I replaced the DAC with D03 and later the D02X, keeping the Transport . The new DACs bettered the performance, especially with the external Master clock while keeping the word clock connection. But the P 70...

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