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    Holo Audio May KTE Dac

    I can only describe changing a PS Audio dac to using a Tambaqui when I was listening to some Wolf Von Langa SON speakers. The front end was a Pink Faun 2.16x server/streamer connected via USB. When the Tambaqui replaced the PS Audio a number of elements were immediately noticeable. Bass depth...
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    Holo Audio May KTE Dac

    I think reviewers that discuss comparisons between DACs are personally more interesting - Herb Reichert does this well for Stereophile. I appreciate conducting that kind of comparative review is difficult unless you have both dacs to hand - you can't rely on your memory of a component...
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    Visit to Marc C.'s (SpiritOfMusic's) House in England

    I didn't really have a great demo experience with Nenuphar - I heard elements of what I've seen discussed online, but there were issues on the day which were too distracting. The drivers being a point source seemed to draw attention to themselves too much which lead me to believe the setup...
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    Visit to Marc C.'s (SpiritOfMusic's) House in England

    Send food - I'm fed up with Lamb and Apple Pie
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    Visit to Marc C.'s (SpiritOfMusic's) House in England

    Marc kindly invited me to listen to his system in his wonderful Victoria Chapel. I enjoyed an afternoon of music punctuated with a pub lunch with Marc and Irana. I personally find it really difficult to assess a system when played unfamiliar music and especially when that music is generally...
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    Another review of the Tambaqui from Part time audiophile:
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    Favorite TV shows thread

    The Thick of It - 2005 - still one of the best written political comedies (and not PC) although of course very UK centric - far better than Veep which has its moments but I don't think it touched the original from Iannucci - just great writing. I think there's something about using comedians...
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    Vinni Rossi L2 Signature Preamplifier

    I'm interested too - although I don't want to be because of the cost. The integrated is equally attractive being able to use pre-outs to an alternative power amplifier. I presume you know Vinnie runs a forum over on Audio Circle which I believe he is having to close down due to him getting too...

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