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    Straight2Tape live sessions Reel To Reel samples.

    Larry, Thanks for staying on top of all these offerings & keeping us up to speed! For UltraAnalogue Recordings, I record the feed from the 2 microphones directly to our modified Studer A80. There is no mixer in between. The resultant 2 track 15ips tape is my "master tape". In this way, the...
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    Straight2Tape live sessions Reel To Reel samples.

    It seems, since this 15ips 2 track tape format is catching on, there have been many "interesting" offerings, saying you are getting "the master tape", not a copy of the master... I think, most of these are original digital recordings copied to tape, hence, it's a 1st generation "master tape" of...
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    Concerts are starting again! Alena Baeva, live stream from Luxembourg yesterday!

    I watched this live stream from Luxembourg yesterday: Amazing music, performance, video & sound! Alena plays the Saint-Saens Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso starting at 42:09 She also plays a fantastic encore at 1:15:20 So happy to...
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    Review of 2 new UltraAnalogue Recordings tapes

    Steve Deckert of Decware, is the true essence of the word "audiophile" but taken further, into the realm of tube audio design. He hit the "nail on the head" in this review - to realize/hear the true beauty of what tape can bring, there's "no free lunch"... To hear the absolute best these tapes...
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    New article, in Positive Feedback on UltraAnalogue Recordings

    I'm happy to share this article from Positive Feedback's Issue 115, May - June 2021 Ed
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    the rediscovery of the wonders of UltraAnalogueRecordings

    This Clarinet tape was recorded 9 years ago, but our battery supplies to the 1st stages of both the record & playback amps for the Studer, created 3 yrs ago, allowed much more resolution of the master tape, even thought that master was not recorded with the NOS 1956 WE300b in the mic-pre amp. Of...
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    the rediscovery of the wonders of UltraAnalogueRecordings

    Steve, you will be the first to know, and I’ll save you the best seats! Their agents told me it’ll need to be in 2022... delayed gratification! Ed
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    the rediscovery of the wonders of UltraAnalogueRecordings

    Wonderful to have you back Leif!! Thank you for your kind words! I'm feel very blessed to have been recording 3 amazing, international soloists, in the last 3 yrs: violinist, Alena Baeva, - winner of the Wieniawski Comp at age 16! cellist, Narek Haknazaryan - winner of the Tchaikovsky Comp in...
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    New UltraAnalogue tape/download

    I’m happy to release a recording of solo piano & 2 beautiful Clarinet pieces...
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    Difference in violins

    Please don't misunderstand me.... many amateur violinists can be very good, but they are not on the same level as an international soloist.... definitely no disrespect to any amateur violinist meant here.....
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    Difference in violins

    Further to the point of comparing modern violins with Strads & del Gesu violins, I like the analogy of these historic violins to a formula 1 car.... we all know formula 1 cars are likely the fastest racing cars, but only a few know how to drive them.... similarly not all violinists can "drive"...
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    Difference in violins

    To your point of the iPad music... when I saw Vadym with that, I had visions of the battery running out during the performance... have a look at around 3:43 in the piece. The page turner misses a turn & Vadym, a testament to his talent, fills in the right hand notes & never misses a beat, while...
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    Difference in violins

    This is a very interesting subject which holds many variables, much like the audio systems we all have. The fascinating thing about violins is they were designed 300+ yrs ago & have not been bettered by technology. In fact the Stradivari & Guarneri violins from that time have not been equaled...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings wins Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award, 2020

    Many thanks for your interest & question! I will email you Ed
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    Where has originality and character gone in the art of Violin playing?

    The violinist I mentioned earlier, Alena Baeva just recorded a concert 2 weeks ago in Paris & was streamed this week. Amazingly, she's expecting & delivering in February! Please have a listen, amazing performance & sound..... music starts around 12:00. Enjoy Ed

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