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    Sony Vegas audio trouble

    Unless you are aiming to produce an audiophile quality production, there should be sufficient choices when rendering to the Sony options - I render to Sony AVC at maximum video bitrate and 384 kbps audio at 48 khz, 16 bit (I could go to a higher bitrate with the audio but there is no real value...
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Crikey, mine are still going perfectly fine. They've sat still since I installed my HiFi Racks shelving many months ago. And they've never been "shaken", though I do find their musical contribution very stirring.
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    A vinyl-phile's dilemma re digitally mastered new music - to buy on lp or cd/streaming

    I think there was a similar discussion about this subject some months ago, though my perspective has not changed. If I pass on a classical "DDA" or "ADA" vinyl release, it isn't because of the digital component in the remastering chain - it is because it is a poor recording to begin with. Mind...
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    Real Names and Real Photos are Fun!

    Trust a handsome chap like Ron to bring this up, but as a stuffed animal, only a mother could love me. And even then I have to work at it.
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    Hero Breaks Car Window to Save Vinyl Records on Hot Day

    Well on a more serious note, I remember in the 1970s our local public library had displayed in the front window a vinyl record that had perished in the back of a car. This was supposed to be stern warning as to what would happen. And these were the days when cars here in Australia - at hot as it...
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    I am struggling to understand by what mechanism damage might occur. Not saying they are incorrect of course, just that I have difficulty comprehending the rational behind it.
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    New Release from Edward Pong; stunning sonics!

    I personally think this much more musically mature and "conservative" repertoire (e.g Beethoven Sonata) suits Tatsuki vastly better than the highly technically biased audacious repertoire such as Paganini. He gives himself the chance to musically breathe a bit more and shape a phrase and make a...
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    A $42,000 transport.

    And with classical music too, the market for both CD and SACD remains extremely solid. The classical SACD market in particular seems to be at least as robust as it was a decade ago or more. Infact the classical market for SACD is so strong today that in hindsight I might try to argue I'd have...
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    Hearing test

    Well for anyone who wants to compensate for a significant hearing deficiency and who listens to PCM based material (including ripped CDs, for example), I would recommend learning the basics of digital audio workstation software. You would not need an actual audio workstation to apply...
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    How do you test Audio Cables?

    The test was covered here: Whilst the Wireword Platinum Reference was not strictly one of the cables under test, they still produced a music file with the Platinum Reference (as well as the jumpers) to provide a reference for the other...
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    How do you test Audio Cables?

    For me, being able to listen to precisely the same music with the same bias to my left and right ears would be critical, so I would never want to test different cables for each channel. That is even more important given I am mainly a classical music listener - the first violins are traditionally...
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    Went to the audiologist

    I'll tell her that resident amateur forum audiologist rbbert told me that. She will have a good laugh. Mine has measured consistently that way in three tests done over 5 years. There isn't any variation in the plots in any of them. Though of course they only plot in 5 dB increments, so there...
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    Went to the audiologist

    We'd all lose credibility because not one single person on this forum has hearing as good now as they did when they were 20 years younger, let alone 40 years younger given the average age around here. I can see that being a double edged sword, though I am seeing some clear examples where...
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    What are you currently listening to (Classical)?

    Here are brief summations of the latest batch of vinyl LPs I bought (except for the Bruckner 8 and Four Seasons I mentioned earlier). I already have the Speakers Corner Philips version with Pepe Romero and the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. The Romero version is a much later recording...
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    Are headphones a "gateway drug" to high end audio? Or a permanent shift is spending?

    I don't know what the statistics say but I tend to think not. It seems to be that high end headphone fans are very parochial in their outlook when it comes to audio in general. But that is just my intuitive feeling based on being around headphone communities for years. They do seem to be more...

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