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    New Pilium Gear!!!!

    It looks like HiFiStay..also Korean.
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    Furutech Pure Power 6E NCF

    I actually meant the area above the red that I marked in your picture. :)
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    Furutech Pure Power 6E NCF

    @nirodha, Are your cable elevators for your Elrod's benches?
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    I2S cable recommendation?

    Anyone try the Pink Faun i2S?
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    New amplifier for Tidal Piano G2

    Since you are already using Vitus, the SS-103 should give you the power you need while maintaining the voicing; however, you will need to add a preamp since the SCD doesn’t have attenuation. I’m not sure the SIA-30 will have that much “extra” current/power as your SIA-25. If you don’t mind...
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    Finite Elemente

    I believe the carbon fibre shelf is an optional upgrade.
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    Testing and embracing Stacore

    If you want the best, Stacore racks are probably the tops. They look like a tank, weigh like a tank, cost like a tank and can probably be run over by a tank. The only downside is the cost, otherwise it’s a no brainer. Remember, shelves and their awesome platforms are extra. I’m just waiting for...
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    Anyone with big, high current amplifier(s) find a power conditioner that doesn't destroy the amplifier's virtues? Is it even possible? Which Ones?

    If one had a PS Audio P20 (instead of P10), would you put it after the Torus AVR 16 or before? Wall --> Torus AVR16 --> PS Audio P20 --> all gear (amps, pre, digital) or Wall --> PS Audio P20 --> Torus AVR16 --> all gear or better off with PS Audio P20 --> multiple Plixir BAC400 (one per...
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    Taiko Audio Daiza platforms.

    I didn't see in any post but what is the optimum/maximum weight load of the daiza platforms? 1 platform for up to 70 pounds?
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Thanks Zorro. So you recommend to get at least 4.6mm thickness and at least 2m long? I am guessing you have tested thin vs thick and short vs long?
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    How much is it to upgrade to entreq cables to Infinity? I gave up like Ozzy. No replies after several emails last year from Entreq's "contact us"or direct email.
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    What is new in my music library? (recent purchases I enjoy)

    Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon Soundtrack
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    Bocchino sablon in da house!

    The Prince comes for a visit...

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