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    Who’s up for a $2800 fuse?

    Just got 2 QSA Crystal Cable series fuses and havent installed yet (Orange-black and Orange Blue). I’m told the Crystal Cable series is more detailed while the original is more “musical”.
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    I2S cable recommendation?

    Hi Todcakes, Yes those were my impressions after 7 days burning in 24/7. Only had both for about 2 days to a/b and then the Argentus went on to a new home.
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    To switch or not to switch? Melco S-100 or Innuos Phoenix NET switch?

    ....sadly the M12 Gold can still upgrade its LPS so that makes it more expensive than the PhoenixNet
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    I cant comment on Edison but from my experience with multiple switches of same brands, I'm guessing you may be better off with one Edis extreme edition vs 2 Edis regulars. 2 of the same will likely lower noise floor (but you need another PC and lan cable) while one Extreme will do more than...
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    I had some (short) wiring issues. Vault Boy wasn't happy either but it’s better after full gear re-arrangement.
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    Latest midfi switch adventures: - Silent Angel Bonn N16 - SotM sNH-10G (fully modded) - Buffalo GS-2016 (clock, PS and led mod) - Telegartner M12 Magic - Apple Airport Express
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    Best solid state preamps around $15k used with remotes

    If you can find these: Vitus SL 102/103 Constellation Virgo II/III with DC filter
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    I have found that more switches are better if they are from different brands vs all from same brands.
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    Lol. Why’d I ask.
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    CK, is the EdisSS isolate ground switch “audibly” noticeable?
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    Good mid-price audiophile switches

    This is hard to explain and I am not qualified to do so but take with a grain of salt. From my humble testing, it is more cost effective to upgrade (and/or get more) switches than spend top coin$ on a ultra high end ethernet cable or swapping mid level to ultra high end cables. After...
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    Big trial Gobel Lacorde Statement

    I'm using NCF booster and cable reel for my Goebel PC The hockey pucks were an interim solution until I found unused mini "cable reels" in storage
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    Cable Lifts thread

    Besides Furutech NCF boosters and hockey pucks, I found a mini “cable reel”. Works great
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    Pilium Audio in action-

    TDX, what dacs did you use before?
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    To switch or not to switch? Melco S-100 or Innuos Phoenix NET switch?

    These belong in the higher end switch category: - Sotm modded + optional LPS + optional clock - Telegartner M12 Magic + optional LPS - Melco S100 + optional LPS + optional modded clock - Innous PhoenixNet - Telegartner M12 Gold + optional LPS

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