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    High-end Speakers V Headphone - you kidding me....

    for me the biggest factor headphones compared to speakers is that i can never get the impression of a large soundstage. ive always felt the soundstage on headphones is about an inch from my head.
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    High-end Speakers V Headphone - you kidding me....

    last time i listened to a good set of head phones was at my friend's place with his LCDx. for the short time i listened to them they sounded great but compared to his new speaker system is really unfair. the speaker is more dynamic. the bass went down with authority with chest pump feeling. the...
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    Best HDMI, Transparent, AudioQuest, Shunyata, MIT?

    has anyone tied the Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 HDMI cables? ive heard the Chroma 7 but i didnt compared with other cables. thinking of giving a 0.6m a go.
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    osborn speakers are highly regarded in Australia and well as Hulgich. Dukes actually won Sterenet international hifi show award 2018.
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    ive never heard the Sashas but ive heard the ATC 100 Actives about 2 months ago. the mid range is absolute magic. sound stage is pretty good in regards to depth, width and height. imo has plenty of bass but some may not think so. these speakers are tilted towards musicality. i almost purchased...
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    New Klipsch Cornwall lV Horn Speakers...One of the BEST Horn speakers on the market?

    ive been trying to audition these new Cornwalls with no luck in Australia. Ive heard the previous versions (III) and was amazed how lively the music is portrayed. Super rip off here is Aus. that is all Klipsch products.
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    i would say the next more powerful model of the Purifi amps would be pretty expensive. Going from Nords prices of the NC1200 and Purifi 400 is roughly the same. if im not mistaken.
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    from 6moons review all i got out if was the purifi module was more neutral sounding than that of the Ncore .Both the Nocre and the Purifi are of very high level in comparison to the traditional Class AB amplifiers
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    I believe the price only due to the power difference. since they apparently sound very close.
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    if you had to choose the new Purifi or NC1200 monos from Nord what would you choose? im leaning towards the Purifi as they are new tech and have more than ample power to drive the speaker i desire.
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    the owner of Hulgich Audio has expressed to him that they employees of Nord are divided on the Purifi vs Ncore amps. they apparently sound very close.
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    When you going to the Spec of the Nord Three SE ET400 MKII Mono Block - still indicates the older NC500 module or am i reading it wrong
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    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    seems like to me Class D isnt fully developed. Purifi is only just being implemented and products cannot yet to be purchased.
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    Harbeth Monitor 40.2

    recently had a chance to listen to a pair of 40.2 powered by Accuphase E370 and also Luxman separates. All i can say is these speaker may one day be my end game speakers also. the Luman sounded great but the Accuphase sound little better. you cant go wrong with either. the amount of detail...
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    Is my amp under powered for my A3's?

    recently listened to the A3s with Vitus RI101 integrated. although the A3s had not been run in for me there was something missing. but this may also be the source material as the dealer could not get my selected material working. to me the synergy was not there. however, this setup was very...

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