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    What Cartridge(s) Is Everyone Using

    For me it's the Murasakino Sumile. To hear it is to fall in love
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    The Drifters-Which Era Do You Prefer?

    jbr7, Thank you for the info.
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    Sixty Minute Man-The Dominoes

    60 Minute Man.Great Song. My favorite by Billy Ward and the Dominoes is Stardust. Thanks or the memories
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    Who Remembers-Jerry Butler-The Iceman?

    My favorite is Breaking Up Is vVery Hard To Do.AKA Make It Easy On Yourself
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    The Drifters-Which Era Do You Prefer?

    I loved Clyde McPhatter's White Christmas. Do you know who was the lead singer when they recorded Adorable in 1955 or 56 ?/
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    Who Remembers-Chuck Jackson?

    Wasn't aware that he was a member of the Del Vikings. I think Any Day Now was his biggest hit
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    Thanks Chop, I have all but Ike Quebec's Blue and Sentimental. Gives me something to search for
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    Hi Chop. Do you recall the other 4 albums you you purchased ??
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    Bruce,yes , I have Cherry and Sugar both on CTI
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    McCoy Tyner, Groundbreaking Pianist Of 20th Century Jazz, Dies At 81

    Everyone should listen to his playing on Coltrane's My Favorite Things
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    Stanley Turrentine must have recording

    I have the Blue Note Lp. Played it this morning,followed by Cherry.another gem by Turrentine.
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    My personal journey to MY SONIC LAB

    Shakti, Thank you for sharing your experience. Your incredible knowledge and the ability to explain what you hear is amazing. As music lover and happy owner I find the Sumile to be everything I would want or expect from a cartridge. I look forward to your future posts
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    Shelter Harmony

    Not the Harmony but the 90X.I thought it to be good but not as good as the Benz Ruby that relaced it. This is with my system my room and my bias'
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    My old Kentucky Home, finally get to unpack for good!

    Hope my post wasn't a downer. It wasn't meant to be. I forgot to add that I kept my full function pre as well All the best

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