Devore, ProAc speakers; Symphonic Line Kraft Class A amp; BFA-Tulip amp; Borbely Reference active pre/ Stevens & Billington passive pre; Ideon Audio Ayazi Mk-2 dac + 3R Master TIme x2 reclockers: digital source; musichi player on home-grown WIndows server; S-Yorke / Project Reference 12' TT (Clearaudio Insider, AT 2M cartridges); homegrown & Nordost Valhalla cabling ; Neuance shelves, Nordost pulsar, isolation.


Digital: Musichi player; DAC: Ideon Audio Absolute (on loan), MSB Select II, Ideon Audio Ayazi II, 2x Ideon 3R Master Time signal reclocking; Analogue: TT: Simon Yorke - Pluto 6/ Project Reference 12'΄; cartridges): Clearaudio Insider, AT 2M; active pre: Borbely Reference; passive pre: Steven & Billington; amp: Symphonic Line -- Kraft 250 class A; speakers: Devore / vintage Etude; Cabling: homegrown & Nordost Valhalla; Isolation: Neuance shelves, Nordost pulsars, Rack: suspended devices


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