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    Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeakers

    Yes but with the addition of a pair of Torus subs!
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    Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeakers

    Nic pics. Great speakers!
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    Recently arrived - Audiopax Model 5 preamp

    Great looking system. Have you tried Mayer amps with the Tannoys?
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    Most Respected Amplifier Designers

    458 / 468 maybe, but my wife described his lesser amps as like having shards of glass thrown at her. For me: David Berning Thomas Mayer The guys at Audionet who did the Scientist series
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    Incredible L1

    Adding an X1 to the L1 is a significant step up. To my mind, the L1 excels in allowing music to flow. Adding the X1 opens up the soundstage and gives much more precise delineation of the instruments, voices etc.
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    Cable Elevators
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    Cable Elevators

    I bought the Shunyata ones recently. I was able to try them in my system before hand, and made a noticeable improvement in clarity, detail, noise etc.
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    Best contemporary speaker under $100k for Lamm ML2.x type amplifiers?

    The Borgs are great - heard them in Munich a couple of times and found them really engaging and a rare combination of sweet treble and impactful bass. When I had a guess at the price though, I was quite disappointed, although this happens a lot at Munich!
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    Totaldac D1-Driver, the (pre)amplifier driver

    This is a brand new unit from Vincent, so I assume V2. It may not be fully run in though. I don't think the soundstage was much different (which in itself is very impressive as the Stern is amongst the best), was more around the musicality and flow. Clearly doubling up the D1 Driver will help...
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    Totaldac D1-Driver, the (pre)amplifier driver

    It's one or the other - Audionet are on demo, and I'd px the Bernings if I decided to buy. I'd be sad to see them go, but couldn't justify both!
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    Totaldac D1-Driver, the (pre)amplifier driver

    Agreed - 45 + Bernings was magical on some Leider we listened to. Highlights the one area / music style that Bernings may better the Heisenbergs, as there was a lightness and airiness to the performance which was captivating.
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    Totaldac D1-Driver, the (pre)amplifier driver

    The Heisenbergs are the first power amps I've wanted to own over the Bernings. If you fall in love with the Bernings speed, transparency, and tonal accuracy, they are a tough act to follow. For example, when the CH M1.1 monos left, I didn't miss them at all. The Heisenbergs are almost as quick...

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