Oslo, Norway
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Avid Reference, SME V with NO Valhalla internal cabling, Lyra Atlas SL, NO Odin2 phono cable
Bergmann Galder, Bergmann Odin, VdH Colibri Master Signature Stradivarius, NO Odin2 phono cable, DS Audio W2, Michell Gyrodec, SME 309, NO Valhalla2 phono cables, Kiseki Purpleheart, Thomas Schick 12´ tonearm, FR 64s tonearm
Burmester 100
Burmester 077 with riaa
Adyton 1,7 Silver Signature power amplifier
Adyton 2,0 TC line source speakers, upgraded with NO Valhalla internal cabling, and earth-terminals
Audio Physic Minos subs x2
Adyton 6kw trafo
Burmester 948 for sources and preamp/riaa
Isotek Supertitan for subs for Avid
NO Odin2 PC for preamp, amp and Burmester 948
NO Odin1 PC for all other components
NO V2 signal and speaker cable
NO Kones, QX2, QX4, QKore6, Thor
Ansuz Darkz D:TC, Aavik titanium rack, Absolare rack, Kanso turntable wall shelf
System 2: Kondo Overture PM2, Kondo GE-1, Avantgarde Uno XD, Naim NDX, Burmester 113, NO Valhalla cables, 3 kw trafo


Speakers: Adyton Imagic 2.0 TC (line source), Subs: Audio Physic Minos x2, Amp: Adyton Cordis 1.7 Silver Signature, Pre: Burmester 077, RIAA: Burmester 100, Phono: Avid Reference, Bergmann Galder, Michell Gyrodec, Arms: SME V with NO cabling, Bergmann Odin, SME 309, Thomas Schick 12´, FR64S, PU´s: Lyra Atlas SL, Kiseki PH, DS Audio W2, VdH Colibri XGW Master Sig. Strad. Cables: Nordost Valhalla2, Odin1 and Odin2, Power: Adyton 6kw trafo, Burmester 948, Isotek Supertitan, Nordost QRT QX2, QX4, Qv2, Rack: Aavik titanium rack, Absolare, Kanso wall-shelf, NO Sort Kones TC, BC, Sort Fut, Ansuz Darkz B:TC, Grounding: Nordost QKORE6
System 2: Kondo Overture PM2, Kondo GE-1, Michell Gyrodec, Naim NDX streamer, Burmester 113 DAC, Avantgarde Uno XD, Nordost Valhalla, Audio Insight Isovolt 3 kw trafo.




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