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    Anyone with big, high current amplifier(s) find a power conditioner that doesn't destroy the amplifier's virtues? Is it even possible? Which Ones?

    You would need about 800% capacity of an AC KIT actual draw to negate hysterisis...anyway. I would guess out of 10 million audiophiles less than 50 have applied their stuff correctly .. If even that. So basically no one... So .... No. Not even the manufacturers of their own gear even touch...
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    Boulder 1161 Power amplifier

    Oh... Well. You missed the point Chuck. I was reminiscing the good old days when some tube amps killed ANY modern Boulder amp. Yes. Those existed... But... There are tube pre amplifiers that would make the Boulder team smile. I tell you. There are not many of them... But they are out there...
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    Power Amp for Magico Q3

    You know... There is a new contender in the XXxX it must be tubes because it has SOUL and Spine breaking bass and dynamics like krells of yore.... And it has midrange and high end like what ever into the stratosphere Audio Analogue Donizetti Aniversary. Specs...Dynamic Music Signal... 8...
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    Best Amp - Speaker Combination you've ever Heard.

    You know. I once heard the Snail. That is the original B&W Nautilus. It was driven by Classe best amplifiers at the time. OMEGA was it? Dont remember But it was maxed out. About a cool million setup.. Insane! It sounded correct... went hella deep and almost broke my eardrums on transients. No...
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    Boulder 1161 Power amplifier

    Well. Walking along the shoreline. One morning the sun was so beautiful, that tubeglow filled my soul. Been to that beach alrainbow? :) Tubes with some gain adds to the sound i think. Like more verve more dynamism. Solidstate amps also sound better if they are driven with a couple of volts...
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    Problems converting my Mini DV video tapes to digital files on my laptop using firewire.

    Dv know how from Sony You might send an e-mail to you camera maker, and ask their technical team. There might be propietary methods to preserving the recorded quality that is more of a .... Shall we say company know how. This is an audio forum by the way. Not a Video codec secrets forum...
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    Boulder 1161 Power amplifier

    Can the 1161 give full power into 1 ohm without trippin its fuse, I wonder :rolleyes:... It is a very beautiful design I think. I want one!! May it sell By the buckets so there are plenty on the used market in 5 years. Perfect for use with a tube pre this one must be ( Yoda said....) One...
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    Help with my first ,budget, audiophile system

    This here YouTube video is a must watch then...Onkyo streamer review Imperial
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    Best Amp - Speaker Combination you've ever Heard.

    Gryphon Antileon driving B&W 801D This you dont see to often. Imperial
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    thinking to buy Luxman M900u mono , what other similar amps should i look? for Focal Maestro

    How about a Electrocompaniet AW250R. Those go down to 0.5 ohms and have extreme current delivery at those loads. They are unfazed at any load really. About 2kw at 0.5 ohms.. At 1.7 ohms like 600 to 900w easely. 100 amps into deep loads. And sound does not change at all into any load. About...
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    Loudspeaker Suggestions Please – Alternatives to Avantgarde Mezzo

    Yes. My observation too. How often would you wanna casually stand in front of your speakers. Some owners tried to tilt them slightly forward... When standing back some 4 to 5 meters they integrated fine. But, a design choice that is strange. Other than that. The Fremer test aside. They were...
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    Loudspeaker Suggestions Please – Alternatives to Avantgarde Mezzo

    Yes. I think i know what you mean... Hear here would need to confirm this but I'd be willing to bet that in his current setup bass information is left or right dominant in the soundstage. Meaning that bassy information isnt centered as it should be. Most likely more often to the right. So in...
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    Loudspeaker Suggestions Please – Alternatives to Avantgarde Mezzo

    Imaginative suggestions... Well. A speaker that would work in the current location occupied by the Avantgardes would be Since we are talking the UK here.. Proac Future two. Classics, and somewhat underrated. They would need powered subs to complement them. I heard them with Aerial 12 Subs...
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    Here be another tip Email entreq. The swedish company. Assuredly they must have helped loads of people with similar issues. Fill in this form Imperial
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    MSB ground trouble shooting. PDF from their site Now. For the love of God :). ... Someone tech savvy should draw up your system. Send that picture to MSB audio AND the passive Pre manufacturer and ask how to connect... At least ask their opinion Do not attach wires at will. Maybe signal cable...

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