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    Let me first tell you that I am in no way associated with the manufacturer or have even met him in my life I am neither a reviewer nor a judge of the product it is just my thoughts on the product when I installed it in my setup and the resultant effect. My journey started a long time ago with an...
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    Speaker cables

    Just ordered the VYDA cables from italy lets see how they perform in my setup they are all silver very superior built just the speaker cable is 5 kgs these cables are highly recommend with vyger turntables
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    Best Amp - Speaker Combination you've ever Heard.

    Canary audio 300 B tubes with Ascendo flagship speakers and ypsilon dac simply stunning
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    DYRHOLM cables

    OK if no comments has anyone used VYDA cables from Italy
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    DYRHOLM cables

    Dear friends have anyone tried the subject cables and what is your opinion on the same
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    Can the 6SN7GTB be substituted for 6SN7GT NOS in a power amplifier
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    1MP 50national union DHT or sylvania 50 is available RCA also
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    You can get brimar, KenRad, and RCA
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    sure all will get what they want but pls PM me and I shall answer all of them, with the quality check and stock with this guy it might take some time so be patient. I am also an audiophile like you guys and do not want anyone cheating us on our money
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    sure let me ask him
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    Friends I came across a guy who has more than 10000 tubes am getting KenRad 231 6SN7GT black glass and RCA grey glass 6SNGT he has all the freekin tubes you name the number he has it except of course the 300B anyone interested in any rare tube and does not find pls get in touch with me. this...
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    Western electric

    Has anyone heard the 97A amp of the subject company and what are your options
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    Ideon Audio Absolute DAC - anyone heard it?

    I would like LD to comment on the absolute DAC I am planning to replace it with Ypsilon 100 not that it is bad just a fresh taste of something different
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    Has anyone heard the CANARY AUDIO C1600 Reference Tube Preamp

    Whom are you talking at canary audio and what is the price in your country of the grand reference
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    Has anyone heard the CANARY AUDIO C1600 Reference Tube Preamp

    Why did you choose the gold lions any specific reason

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